Best DRY HERB vaporizers? (Portable or Pen) I need advice on what to buy

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  1. I need some advice on what to buy. What are the best portable dry herb vaporizers for under $100? Im new to this and Ive seen so many mixed opinions. Not interested in vaping wax, just weed. thanks

    At around the 100 dollar price point, I'd say the MFLB and the Lotus.
  3. I have a vapir N02 that rests inside of a speedway refillable cup. I have on numerous occasions hit it while looking at cops (driving around), they never look back at me.
  4. What about the grasshopper? I heard it was a really good vaporizer but their is a waiting list

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    It "may" be a really good vaporizer but being that it hasn't been released yet, we really don't know.
  6. Soo which portable vaporizer would you recommend?

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  7. The Grasshopper is what I'm waiting for OP.. but it might be a while. When I told you to list what was important to you in features and then ask....lwien is the guy I was hoping would see your post. He has a lot of good info...and is about as unbiased as you can get. Too many people will tell you to save for ____ vape, or steer you towards crap. no matter which direction you go, if you get garbage it will turn you off to vaping. So getting something that will work for you is tantamount to success.
    So you have a $100 budget which is fair.
    Is stealth important?
    Do you prefer electric or other ignition source?
    Gotta ask the right questions to get what you need....Other than that I will defer to lwien....he knows, I'll sell you a PAX in a heartbeat. LOL
  8. I just need a vaporizer I can carry anywere and vapes really good and is durable and won't break easy

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  9. MFLB is gonna be your guy then......
  10. Magic Flight Launch Box
  11. Is their a pen type vape you would recommend ? I'm just trying to explore my options

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    I already did that.
    Pen type for dry herbs is a tricky proposition. Battery life, extra additional moving parts to break, or have to store and hide. Most are for concentrates and oil... The Lotus is nice, but you need a really good lighter. There is no magic bullet when it comes to vapes. Unless you have some serious money to toss after one. Starting at double your budget.
    An MFLB is a good starting point. And worst case scenario you sell it to a friend and lose nothing. But it is on the better end of the spectrum in your price range. And after a few years on the market is still highly regarded. The same can't be said for a lot of others.
  14. Thanks for the advice I think I made my decision I'm gonna go with the MFLB

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  15.  You'll definitely enjoy vaping, and the efficiency. There is a slight learning curve, but mostly that is just because it feels unnatural compared to what you are used to. Be sure to ask questions, and search if you have any questions. We are here to help get you high....
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    Good choice.   Here's some reading material to keep ya busy while you wait for the MFLB to arrive:
  17. I asked this on a couple different threads recently but I can't find them to see if anyone answered. Does anyone know if the v3 puff nuggs is a legit vape or just combust or is all together a piece of shit?Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app

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