Best dry herb vaporizer on a budget?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by AlphaDogBlue, Oct 13, 2014.

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    Me and my wife smoke once or twice a week using a bong that we like. Lately I've been thinking about buying a vaporiser though.
    For health reasons, I'm a gadget geek, the bong gets nasty quite fast and the list goes on.

    A friend of mine told me he tried a vaporizer something like 10 years ago and didn't like it. I recon they've gotten a bit better since? Still want to test the kind of high you get though.
    So before I spend hundreds of dollars, which I probably will if I like it, what is the recommended budget vaporiser I can try out first?

    I doesn't need to have the build quality for 10 years, I'm just buying it to determine if I like vaporisers or not. Around $50 would be best, but I'll go higher if that's what's needed to appreciate it at all.

    And obviously it doesn't matter if it's portable or not.

    Appreciate any relevant feedback I can get.

    Edit: Sorry, I read the new to vaporising thread a bit late. Im reading that thread now though :)
  2. My first vaporizer was the VaporGenie at 55 dollars and once learned how to use correctly, provided some huge vapor cloud production.   Not the tastiest vapor though.   If you want really tasty vapor that comes from an all glass air and vapor path, check out the Vapolution 2.0 at a hundred dollars.
  3. I bought that and a lot of accessories, but want a smaller portable unit that hits hard. I'm torn between iolite (they have a killer cloumbus day sale and the pinnacle pro with water tool. What's your pick?
    Thanks and sorry for the high jack.
  4. The Iolite was the worst vaporizer I ever had.   Won it in a contest and gave it away a few weeks later.   There wasn't one thing that I liked about it.
  5. For the way you guys smoke I would say the extreme Q would fit your need best. Unfortunately it costs $115 (On ebay, but legit). Might be something worth saving for.
  6. What's your portable choice then?
    If I were going to buy a portable today, I think I'd go with the FireFly.
  8. @lwien:
    Looked at some reviews of the Vapolution 2.0, looks a bit plastic and fragile. Which doesn't matter since it seems to produce some good vapor with nice flavours. Do you have any input on Extreme Q?
    @The lone wolf:
    Looks better than the Vapolution 2.0, the biggest downside is it doesn't seem to produce any vape? I don't know if I'm ready to go from joints and bongs to tasty air without smoke :p
    @Both and everyone:
    I saw a review of the VapeDynamics and thought it looked real good, for just $100. What do you think compared to Vapolution 2.0 and Extreme Q?
    Another interesting one is Arizer Solo Vaporizer, sets us back an extra $100 but according to EpicHerbReviews (IndoorSmoker guy) it's the best vaporizer after the Volcano. Obviously I would rather have the Volcano but it will set me back too much.
    Or do you guys (and gals) think it's too much of a hustle to share a portable between two persons? We don't smoke that big hits.
  9. I owned and heavily used my solo for just over a year and I loved the simplicity of it and the size of the clouds were ok for a portable. You will not get the same vape density out of a portable over a desktop. The extreme q, herbalaire, and vapolution all produce denser vapor over the solo and have better features.
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    @Mr Horsepower: I couldn't help myself, I bought the solo :) It's a bonus that it's portable.
    If I like it and join the vaporizer movement, I'll probably buy a Volcano or some other desktop one anyway.
    Thanks for all the input guys! Appreciate it, even though I didn't end up buying one of the suggestions.
    Feel free to answer the questions in my other post anyway, interesting plus it might help some other noob, like myself!
  11. Similarly to the OP, Im in the market for my first vaporizer.
    Currently I go through 1/2 Oz a month of herb in joint form (tobacco weed mix).
    I also have my eye on that Arizer Solo deal. 
    I mainly smoke at home so portability isnt important.
    Is there any better vapes out there that would suit my needs?
    Im mainly looking to get high more efficiently i.e less weed and the ability to vape dry herb.
  12. If portability isnt important then why would you be looking at a solo?
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    Because portability doesn't contradict quality?

    Indoorsmokers aka EpicHerbReviews (both YouTube accounts) opinion is that other than the Volcano, the Solo produces the best vape independent of desktop or portable. Not saying he's right but he seems pretty experienced and at least it breaks your argument.

    Just sayin.

    Edit: Can only find one desktop review from him, which is the Volcano. So the statement from him might have been better with the ending "though it's the only desktop I've tried.". If he haven't tried others off camera that is.
  14. The solo produces weak vapor. No point in limiting your self to a portable if you don't need portability. Yeah Im gonna go ahead and disregard the opinion of that random youtube channel.

    And yes in general portability goes against getting the best vapor.

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  15. If efficiency is your priority check out log vapes such as the underdog or e nano.
  16. Thanks guys. Ill have a look at those log vapes.
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    I recommend the HEBE Titan 2 or FlowerMate V5.0s for a starter vape. BOTH under 100$!

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