Best Drug Test Situation EVER

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Krn7iger, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. I actually posted on General forum but i think it fits this category better. If there is a rule about having 2 threads on different sections, i will erase the general forum one. but i thought it was a good story with good lesson

    ok so few weeks ago, i got worried as shit and posted a thread here about my DT, which i took on monday this week. (17th) and this is the story

    I was almost sure I was gonna pass but I was very unsure if they were gonna use the lab, which i would probably fail cuz their detection level is much lower than a home test. so I go to the Drugs and alchol program center and i see my counseler for the first time, and she keeps mentioning about the urine screening process, which would test every kind of drugs that i would have used. Well, I start to get worried as shit cuz she seems like a bitch and shes spitting out words like "random drug testing whenever they want an all". Anyways I sit down to have an interview wit her and and she gives me a questionaire and one of the question was "do you feel that laws regarding drugs are good for the society, but laws regarding marijuana are bad?" well I checked No, since I didnt want them to think I think favorably of Marijuana. She starts reading my questionaire, and then I felt bad about going against my beliefs so i spoke out and said "I think whats more unfair is how this justice system coerces me to abandon my beliefs and adopt their version of the truth" She looks at me with BIg open eyes and im thinking "fuck wat did i do..." but she starts saying "im interested go on, so I talked to her for an hour on some profound shit. and by the end of the session, she decides not to test me anymore! so I got off without any drug test, and Im sure she knew i was smokin dope cuz I talked very positively of it.....

    the lesson is, speak the truth and sometimes it turns out better than youd think it would
  2. Haha, I can't belive you got away with that shit. Good story bro.
  3. holy shit that's awesome! haha
  4. What a poorly (deliberately) worded question. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
  5. she gonna trick you
  6. dude u fucken scaring me man dont say stuff like that....i hope shes not tricken me cuz im high as balls right now.,,.HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

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