Best Drinking Session In History !

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by iamoni, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. Damn.. I woulda choose Buddah over liqour & Booze. Since I met Mary Jane can't stop You know and woulda prefer toking over drinking Man.

    But last Night I felt that it was the best drinking session in the whole history..
    We were just drinking at our rooftop, having beer..Redhorse chilled. We had onli 2 bottles each but Mary Jane overcame and made each moment last and feel that you're in the best and most wicked drinking session. You remember feeling getting a Laugh trip or feelling that you're really really happy? Convert that trip to a feeling you're in the best drinking session in tha whole history Damn.
    I only spent P160.00 (Philippine Pesos = $ 3.65 ) 3 Beers each only (I have great tolerance over alcohol, how come????), Cornick, some cig, me only toking..then they cooked some instant noodles..Fuck tastes the best in the world hahahhaa. Damn bud giving me fud trips again shit.. Buddah Lovaz .hahaha souds from the phone.. music the rooftop under the nite sky.. 2 of ur best friends and only one newly met friend. Damn ganja bonded as together...They told me somehow after they buyed food again they also toked..(the 2 don't toke)..well they toked too. we felt great..I felt I was in the most drinking session in history..Got questions? I aint got milk hahahhaha post ur
  2. Either you're really drunk and stoned right now or you need to take a English 100 class.

  3. Or maybe he's Filipino?
  4. Reading that was a buzzkill for me. Thanks a lot, dirty.
  5. OP is Filipin-out, man..
  6. Cool story bro.

  8. Damn Oni try to post somewhat coherently
  9. zomg this is the best thread session in history!

  10. yaah man this would be the most sickest and most wicked post in history can u feel it bro?

  11. yeah.. I'm a Filipino.
    But I can't speak real good English when I'm stoned.
    I bet you can't do it either.

  12. OP? could you give me the meaning

  13. How come it be a Buzzkill man?

  14. Just really stoned > euphoria
    Booze can't give me that kind of high/feeling
  15. I had a friend who was the exact opposite. His native language was Finnish, but when he was stoned he had trouble speaking it.
  16. Original poster.

  17. :D hahahahah yah man...
    we were Fillipin-out hahahahha
    I even remember we shook our bottles full of beer and make it rain (with beer of course)>> like the act they do with champagne (inevitable during awarding of winners in a grand prix)
    >> what do you call that anyways ( the shaking and fizzing act)
    We trippin' & crazy we drinking wearing only our brief ( looks gay but swear we're just drunk and I'm stoned):D
  18. + Rep to .....CAM.....

    We'll at least I can maybe tell it as Champagne spraying ^^
    We'll it is really fun spraying beer to the sky

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