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Best drink with your weed?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by C2 THE G, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. Personally I love a cold pint of cider with my weed I think the tastes really complement each other.
    Also mango juice for the extra potency it gives your weed.
  2. I swear this EXACT same thread was just made yesterday or the day before... and hundreds of times before that.

    Search button.

    ps. mango juice is delicious, but if you really want it to affect the potency of your weed and your high, drink it about 45 minutes before smoking.
  3. Well kudos to me for originality :)
    Don't lecture me I know when to drink my mango juice mum
  4. I love cold water, tea, arizonas, and gatorade.
  5. Not lecturing. Just giving friendly advice. The thread title is best drinks WITH your weed, so naturally when you said mango juice I would assume you drank it WITH your weed, and not before.

    Drinking it before gives your body more time to process the myrcene, so it drastically increases the effects.

    Friendly advice, not lecture. Calm down. Smoke a bowl. Have a nice day.
  6. arizona rx energy herbal tonic shit
  7. McDonalds sweet tea
  8. Arizona Fruit Punch FTW.
  9. Sonic's Route 44 LemonBerry Slush.
  10. coca-cola or tea
  11. cup of coffee.
  12. any arizona tea or some V8 splash.
  13. fixed
  14. I suppose it must be my inner child, but I like to drink milk with weed haha
  15. Mountain Dew.

  16. Agreed. MD is amazing. I think I will drink a mango Naked right now, so when 4:20 hits I can smoke my last pinch and drink some dew :cool:
  17. Don't have a favorite drink, but for Yoo Hoo Lovers....... ::hint hint:: Silk(soy milk) chocolate one, tastes just like it, and same consistency.

    Drinks always work for me are Jack and Cokes, Guinness, New Belgium Brewery out in Colorado(I miss it SO MUCH!), Magic Hat #9, Cran/Grape Juice, water, I super thick spoon and straw milkshake!

  18. Hell yes Im doin some straight hot chocolate right now with some whip dam
  19. Hot Chocolate with some Kahlua....AWESOME, whip cream, drizzle creme de menthe on top!
  20. orange mothafucking juice lol:smoke:

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