Best Dog Breed?

Discussion in 'Pets' started by Feathertop_2064, Apr 21, 2016.

  1. Hey grass city I'm looking for a new furry toking friend that doesn't judge and loves me. Anyone got any ideas on which i should get?
  2. Labs are awesome. Pits are awesome. Corgis are awesome.

    Lab/pit mixes even better in my opinion. One of the best dogs I've ever had. Smart, goofy, playful, loving, protective; everything I could ask for.

    I just think corgis are the shit. Funny furry little dudes they are. It's my next pup for sure. There's some interesting corgi breeds/crosses out there too worth looking into.

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  3. I live in an apartment and wanted to adopt but its really hard to find a dog that can do that type of environment. Any suggestions?
  4. Have a baby instead...
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  5. Yea that definitely makes more sense
  6. I thought you said in another thread you needed names for the baby, "it" you were about to have?
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  7. i did so why would i want another baby if I've got one on the way?
  8. im not sure of the question
  9. So anyway, like I asked you old are you?

    I saw that you put your b'day in the profile that you were born on 4/20...
  10. yea i did. But that was wrong. it should have said 8:37 a.m April, 20th 1989 but that option wasn't available. Which was a little disappointing. But i see your dilemma. 420 is supposed to be the day that nobody was born.
  11. Well, I hope you figure out what to name your baby or what dog breed to adopt...but you're getting old...later.
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  12. beagles are good dogs. loyal. fast smart. alert. gentle.
    basset hounds are also. loyal smart lazy love to eat laid back
    they will lie next to you. sleep with you.
    both are good if you live in an appartment
  13. Muts. They are actually smarter than purebreds because they are not inbred.

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  14. Don't get a pit.

    I had a shiba inu when I lived in an apartment, awesome fucking dogs. They RARELY bark, avoid Pissing and shitting inside, and are friendly.

    They will shed like a mother fucker though when seasons change (ya ice a year).
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  15. pit if you raise them right they can be the sweetest dog you can own but the behavior of the dog is based on how you treat it
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  16. i like dalmatians. they look like gentlemen :)
  17. pugs and chiwawas are great for long as you can take them for a walk/run every now and then. both are very loyal. pugs are super friendly

    to answer the question tho..there is no "best" breed. i cant stand big dogs but the next guy might hate little yappers
  18. Whatever breed you decide to go with, DO YOUR RESEARCH. Make sure it can fit into your lifestyle, meaning if you get a working breed, make sure that thing gets exercise, otherwise it will take out on your apartment while youre out on a date.
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  19. Labs or Dobermans.

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