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  1. What are your favorite and personal best toking tools, i love making my own pipes and gravity bongs using a small socket and some bottles, but what are your favorite ways?
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    Salutations SocketSmoker,

    Actually for me it wasn't even a matter of preference; on the long run i was given no alternative but to develop/explore my own solution or simply face total abstainance again, so i chose the best option for mylsef and then i eventually prevailed, beyond my initial expectations i must confess. Lucky me the "opportunity window" proved to be just right - e.g. before or after just wouldn't have been the same...

    Anyway i was also confident that time would work for me and it did; i turned weak aspects into antenas after focussing on them, so i could determine what strategy to try next, iteration after iteration after iteration. Too bad i was the only guy around to share the fun as it might have got a lot faster with external support - but the exclusion(s) didn't stop me from reaching a most satisfying conclusion. So in retrospective i found my "INCLUSIVE-ENOUGH" solution but i'd consider less than acurate to state that this was a choice, 'cause it wasn't and the whole path now seems only more obvious, imposing itself though it wasn't that clear initially, of course...


    As a hobby i loved the action, often enough totally solitary and/or in transition periods - plus more. Lets admit those are years i'd rather have prefered to spend over acquiring better aroma/taste appreciation, instead of only pretending to be heading there, using some consumption methods hardly appropriate as i found out.

    As a mater of fact it was necessary to create my own expressions so i could conveniently designate items causing other popular methods to fail. One problem is that a product's manufacturing quality ain't what this is all about: it's what the tool does and how it does it which i needed pay attention to.

    I believe a vast majority of the known solutions is generally based on Dry Hot Air concepts, mine has Self-Moiturizing on top of a "potentialized" Release/Transport Agent... M'well, after a long exploratory phase i started implementing fig. 11/12 of the VaporGenie on my own initiative and this opened quite a few significant doors afterwards: my "Plan-B" is a decent solution the market couldn't offer while i keep hoping for future "Plan-A" scenarios, someday somehow.

    In any case, the favourite ritual i have in mind happens to be determined by the consumption method which worked best, after patient trial/error + tweaking, while evaluating configurations for months before being able to decide what's the next layout(s) to test... It's no longer a thing about long & steady toking the VG way, on the contrary! IMO brief & potent pulses require less lung effort or at least i'd say my present "1-Hit" toking method rarely proves as tiresome as the rest, then there's more factors like Aroma/Taste, Conservation, etc. As a result i came to need to create even more of my own terms, "Micro-Bursting" for starters. Then "Micro-Dosing" for "De-Sensitization", applied to a Tolerance-wise context...

    Etc, etc.

    To conclude in a few words, my "favourite" ways had to be fully individualized 1st before i could genuinely enjoy vaporization on a regular basis. Here's my weapon of massive seduction, destined to help us save the lost children of planet Itnoc - ideally:


    Though it would now appear convenient to substitute the Metal Disc with similar parts readily available on the market, i'm thinking of the DynaVap "CCD Screen" perhaps (?)... Go figure!


    As for the associated ritual it goes like this: inject a "Heat Charge" into its Hybrid Core (transitional "Thermal Bottle") during the separate "Pre-Heating" phase, which i'd freely translate as « put a "cherry" in that engine! » (SiC glows when sufficiently hot). The rest is a piece of cake, it's easy/fun to figure/use while the potential vilification effects ("pepper"/"punch-in-the-face" effects!...) were carefully minimized (with "Harm Reduction" and "Social Acceptability" in mind), etc. I'd compare the learning curve to acquiring musical skills with an instruments: all fun. If only it hadn't required such involvement since i created the alias in 2011! Honestly i wish i could have picked my ready-made solution off a shelf like almost everyone else; alternately, looking back at the whole process i find there were permanent gains made that were innaccessible otherwise, but a bit of collegiality wouldn't have hurt: after all what's the point enjoying that mountain's top alone?!

    ... ;)

    Good day, have fun!! :D

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