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Best Dispesnsary in So Cal? Specifically local to Corona/Norco

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by OODA, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. Anyone?
  2. BP Medical Solutions in Lake Elsinore is a good one, though that's a bit further south than you are talking about. My highest recommendation, however, goes out to IEPC (Inland Empire Patients' Collective) in Mira Loma. It's very close to the 15 and 60 freeway interchange. The staff there is without exception great, and they run a good number of specials, etc. IEPC is the best of the handful of dispensaries I've been to.
  3. BP is my dispensary now, thanks!
  4. I would drive in to CPA or something, all the IE places are terrible, look on weedmaps

    CPA is in santa ana their stuff is pretty dank, not that far from corona, there are some closer to the 91 right when you enter the OC with good stuff though too
  5. I have only been to corona once so I can't be too much help but in the valley I go to Humboldt relief its pretty chill. Though they do charge $25 lifetime membership fee but they do have a 50 dollar cap
  6. HR has some of the dankest meds in the valley. 21 and over as well as a membership fee though. well worth it.
  7. natures bliss in winchester off the 79 is a great place,they offer free candy and beverages while in the waiting room,plus there meds are dank as hell. They have happy hour from 4:20-5:20 where there eighths are 50 for a eighth,and 5:20-6:20 $55 eighths....i go to cpa maybe twice a month,but only when i have enough for a half oz.

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