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best dispensary in san diego

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by seeyouauntie, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, i'll be getting my medical card tomorrow and i was looking for some good co-op's in san diego. Any recommendations?

  2. personally, I tend to go to 2 dispensaries more than others, Balboa Medical Center and Platinum RX...both are located in the Clairemont/Balboa area...

    My suggestion to you is to take advantage of your new med card and shop around...every dispensary offers new patient specials...try out various dispensaries and you will eventually find one you keep going back to...

    BMC always has the best OG's and because of that, they tend to run out often but their other meds are still very good...never a bad experience here and they have 1/8's starting at $30 and capping out at $50...

    Platinum RX is in Clairemont and they also have a sister dispensary on Morena Blvd. called Platinum Lounge...these 2 spots offer great deals on meds and they often have a strain on special for those on a budget...right now I believe they have Goo and White Widow for $6 a gram and $21 an 1/8...

    Good luck... if you need help finding dispensaries hit up the back of any San Diego Reader as well as Kush magazine and Nug magazine...
  3. The main dispensaries I go to in San Diego are
    1. Optimal Healing- near sports arena blvd.
    2. Nancy's Naturals- Off the sorrento valley exit heading south on the 805
    3. Green Dove- One block up from Nancy's

    These dispensaries all have really dank bud at all prices. Green dove has some fire concentrates for pretty cheap too if that is your thing. All of the dispensaries with addresses and menus are on if you didnt know. Just browse around and check out places that look good!

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