Best Detox drink from GNC

Discussion in 'General' started by GoldenDelicious, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. so im goin to GNC tonight to get a detox drink to make me pure of THC for my drug test thru my PO.. i gotta schedule an appt wit crossroads.. a rehab place to get it tested.. so what are the best brand to buy. cuz i herd that a few brands that GNC dont work.. n some do.. just askin for advice
  2. Lol you definetly will not pass
  3. Damn i hate ppl like you.. just give me a ligit answer.. n if you dont know.. move on to the next thread
  4. I've only ever needed to use a detox drink once, and it was Herbal Clean Q-Carbo from GNC. Worked like a charm.

    *Note: Just because it worked for me doesn't mean it'll work for you though. You're ALWAYS taking a pretty big risk when you use these detox drinks*
  5. im on probby to, and i can smoke on monday and pass a drug test on friday, all i do is drink alot of water, idk if those drinks work or not, you can get niacin from gnc (which i and a few friends have used) it works pretty well,

    but i have a very fast metabolism and im only 5'11" 135lbs. so maybe thats y i can pass it so quick?
  6. yea i feel you.. but i plan on stop smokein like 3-4 days before.. n drinkin alota water n craberyjuuice.. n then fallow the directeions to the drink

  7. Get over it

    Niacin and cranberry tablets, and run a lot, you'll be good

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