best desktop vaporizer for dry herboil?

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  1. Im looking to buy a desktop vaporizer, preferably the kind with the whip just because they tend to be cheaper then bags. I want it for both dry herb and oil, and I'm not sure if the vape can be used with both. is it possible?

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    Just about all vapes will allow you to vape oil if you put some oil on a small cotton ball.    Ya just have to make sure that you are vaping at a temp low enough that it doesn't ignite the cotton.
  3. dude a cotton ball that doesn't sound to safe at all and for oils the heat usually needs to be a little higher i noticed weed i usually go 180c but oil i find takes me up to 210 ish lol

    id go for some weed at the bott or just ashs.... as for the vape itself id recommend the arizer model i has the extereme q and tried a Buddha ones a zypher one some hotbox one some cheap one from some random convience store and the arizer imo is the second inline next wiff the volcano being number 1 but you can find an arizer for like half of half of a volcano the only difference between the two i could notice was the arizer you need to mix the bowl a bit were wiff the volcano that was not needed

    People use cotton balls to vape oils all the time.    You may want to check out the multitude of threads over at FC from users who do exactly this.    I have no doubt that there are a few here who will chime in on this as well.
    If using cotton for oils was not a viable option, I never would have mentioned it in the first place.
  5. Cotton is perfectly fine to vape with. Organiccotton at the least. If you rip some off your average q-tip you might be inhaling other things as they commonly spray the cotton

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    Get an organic cotton. Put the concentrate in the middle of the cotton, and put the whole thing in your vape. It won't get hot enough to burn the cotton but will vape the concentrate.
    BTW, for the main question, Extreme Q might be the best bet for a desktop. It is a multipurpose vaporizer can do both whips and bags, making it a “jack-of-all-trades” vape.
  7. I actually just got my extreme q today and since I work night shift have been ripping it since I got off at 4am. I stopped by the dispensary on the way and got some huge Bubba kush nugs and 2 grams dope bho. Hit shoppers for cotton balls and I can personally say it works great. Makes a difference too. I haven't had it go through the cotton as of yet. I haven't even used the whip yet just straight bags but I would recommend this one for the versatility if you want a whip. Got mine for 180 and loving it so far. I had a silver surfer before which was nice but built in fans are dope and the remote is actually cool lol. For me it's no comparison hands down worth it but I blaze alot so I love those big bag hits Haha.
  8. Cotton works great.
  9. Not experienced in the subject of oil. I know the sublimator can do dabs & dry herb it can also do both at the same time. Good luck 

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