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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by XXX STYLE XXX, Jun 8, 2003.

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  1. Well for all of you that have been down on other women, this includes women who have been down on other women as well (sensimil) what would you best describe the taste/smell as. Dont say \"it smells like fish\" because we\'ve all heard that one before, I agree that it does but also has a bit of something else too hard for me to compare with anything else..

    Taste is also very difficult to describe, just tangy and uhh....tangy?
  2. Delectable.
  3. I think casper from kids said it the best......\" i like my girls with mad flavor yo......heavy flow.\"

    best put taste like it taste.....nothin else like it.....also depends who your with .......
  4. i wish i knew. :(

    hehe, kinda adds a whole new meaning to \"digit\'s thirst for knowledge\" lol

  5. yes
  6. Very unique, I\'ll give it that... I wouldn\'t say like fish, not too far, but not as nasty. All in all, its not that bad.
  7. Sweet & sour.

  8. pork, chicken, or shrimp?
  9. Out of those three, chicken.
  10. hehe, if it was shrimp i\'d spend my entire life down there. :D

  11. yes, while it took some time for me to reply, you knew youd see me soon enough in this thread. im nose deep in this one as much as I am know, *there* :D :p

    im not sure how to really describe it. I mean can words really do it justice? I think rmjl had a good point. every girl is different...not one I havent liked the taste of yet! I really enjoy the taste of a woman, its a real turn on if they are sweet down there..I cant think about this anymore...

  12. i can... an i\'ll think about it for you

  13. lol, thanks bud :)

    i started getting to think about the girl...Im waiting for her to make a move with this friends with benefits if I dont think about fooling around with her enough...this thread is killin me!
  14. If it tastes like trout, get the fuck out.

    If it tastes like chicken, keep on lickin.
  15. Wait, there was another saying...

    If it tastes like fish, delicious dish.. something else... forgot.

    Anyway that contradicts your rhyme damnit..

    How about this.
    If it tastes bad, get the fuck out.
    If you don\'t mind the taste, continue as you please.

    Yeah, I know, I\'m a true poet!
  16. ok, im in and out of this place all the time, looking and lurking, and sensi, you and i, our paths rarely cross anymore, but son of a bitch if i know i will find you one of two places, here, or church, for reasons i do not know, i havent mosied around to OUR grounds of worship...and i know you will look in on this one, just cuz its a great thread:D i miss this fucking place

    to answer the question, it tastes like happiness, but i dont know if its so much the taste, but the texture and warmth that makes it so great, i mean, so smooth and wet and slimy and lickable and suckable and fun..just mother fucking fun..nothing like going down on a hot shave chick and sucking her clit until her eyes pop out, but not really pop out so much as look like the are going to pop out.


  17. .... i really want ass right now... i\'m going to try to forget about this thread
  18. YOUC ANT!!



  19. Something leaking?

  20. ILL take care of the leaks around here.

    any ladies in need of assistance?

    norm! you stay away! I got dibs! you single men always trying to move in on my gamahuche

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