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Best description of being high on weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by austins312, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. This is my personal description of being high. When you get high everything you touch tingles this effect is usually from either sativa or indica Im not sure which one. Time will be slower, you will have HD vision kind of like a dream but not really, more like you are looking through the lens of a camera. Things will be funnier, munchies, increased heart rate, ect. Somethings seem unreal, not like hallucinating but you know. It feels like my body is one step behind my mind in time. And when I look at something it feels like I won't be able to feel it, but when I touch it I can feel it. Pain is less but you are still aware of it. Feelings and thinkings are intensified. Now tell me what you think of my description.
  2. its like taking the best day of your life and setting it on fire in a glass bowl and inhaling the sweetness from within.
  3. All your senses having separate orgasms. Perfect way to describe it.
  4. the first time i smoked it felt like i was watching myself be high, in third person. sorry if that makes no sense. :cool:

  5. You mean an out of body experience? Thats uncommon for weed was it laced with PCP?
  6. lmao no. it was my first time being high. never happened again. now when im high, i just feel zoned out.
  7. When i first got stoned everything looked like an old fashioned projecter, and i could see the film scrolling. it was like one of those really old silent movies.
  8. I liked another blades description I saw in someones sig, not sure who said this but -
    "It feels like you are a penis & the world is your vagina"

  9. I'm sooooo liiiitttttttttttttttttttttttt

  10. That's a good description, I can relate to that. My first 5 times smoking again I got that at one point.

    Now as a kid I said being high made everything look 2D, like even though you could see depth, it didn't look 3D, you'd circle around an object and it still looked flat like a painting that moved haha
  11. Noobs always give the best descriptions when they make topics asking "is this normal?"
  12. are you sure you werent just watching an old western?
  13. haha pretty sure. I've never had a high like that since though, the highs I get now are waaaaaaay different than that first time. It's crazy how different they are, but thats the beauty of the herb, diversity. [​IMG]
  14. I used to get out-of-body experiences all the time. But now, even after a T-Break, I still can't get that high again. It makes me sad... :(
  15. You know how movies and stuff will have scenes where the person has just done like ecstasy or coke or something? Like everything's all Intense I guess. The camera moves really quickly and there's sort of too much going on at once and they usually distort the noise somewhat. Yeah that's what it felt like the first time I got high. According to my girlfriend my eyes were bugging out like when you squeeze a hamster. Hahaha It was like everything was dark and bright at the same time. I kept saying "I feel like I'm dreaming but I know I'm not." My friends and I were kind of having a party at the time. And my friend made me tell everyone I was bi. (Everyone knew there was something between me and my gf but I had never actually told them that I wasn't straight and for some reason she wanted me to say it. Haha) I was like "I'm bi! And reallllly high!" And I thought it was sooo funny that that rhymed. :p A few times I had to remind myself that I wasn't dreaming and that it was all real and really happening. And that it wouldn't last forever, because for a while I felt like I was never going to come down.
    And then I was just a stoner after that. :D
  16. It is like ahhh errr, what were we talking about?
  17. Chill.
  18. Cool, Calm, and Collected
  19. I've had and out of body experience from herb. Although it was because I was young and dumb and blew the hit into balloon, without taking a breath I sucked it back up, then was viewing myself from up above, a little behind.

    Fell face first into a rose bush. Needless to say was the last time I ever used a balloon again.
  20. Sativa-dominant - Feels like your mind is really 'high' as in like unit of measurement. Mood is either elevated or becomes apathetic. Sense of sound and sight are sensitive. You can hear every instrument in every song and sometimes might feel like you see something out of the corner of your eye. The comedown is euphoric and usually once the after effects are washed off, you just feel like a more relaxed version of you.

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