Best deodorant/body wash/soap for weed smells?

Discussion in 'General' started by iPowers, May 8, 2023.

  1. Ok so lately I realized that a portion of the time, my BO can smell like weed especially if I smoke in a contained space, hit a cart, or consume an edible. It's gotten me in trouble before work wise and the deodorant and soaps I got I feel like aren't doing a good enough job at containing it. I want to improve my hygiene in this regard and I wanted to ask if you guys have any recommended brands that have given you solid results in the hygiene department.

    Hope this isn't TMI lol but I can't help but feel like there's something out there I haven't tried yet that would work well so any input would be appreciated. :)
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  2. You ever see that episode of South Park where Cartman keeps burgers in his pants and they end up tasting better? Maybe you could do something like that with baggies of schwaggy mids in your shirt...

    "Yeah man, this strain's called Dirty Hippy, it's got them B.O. terps" :lmafoe:
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  3. Irish Spring!
  4. Maybe do this as a last minute emergency DIY hack if it's needed? lmao

    Haven't used them in a good bit! I'll keep an eye out for that brand. Thank you btw. :)
  5. just vape flower and you won't stink like it.
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  6. See you'd think that'd be the solution but I've smelled like weed from internally before as shocking as that sounds. 0.0
  7. Arm and Hammer is cheap, works well and comes odourless.
  8. I use a Harry's Body Wash and found that is really good about removing the weed smell/residue.
  9. I don't care if I smell like weed, but I hate smellin' like BO...I use Axe deodorant and body spray.:coolalt:
  10. of course! Happy to help! Idk how active you are, but it helps to sweat it out too.
  11. [​IMG]
    here you go saved my position at the airline many times, I started with the hand creme back in the 80's now its full on
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