Best dehumidifier?

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  1. I’ve been looking for two days for the best dehumidifier for my grow box, and have bounced back and forth between many, at first I was looking at the cheap ones, but then did some research and realized that if I am to lower humidity I have to be able to absorb how much water I feed it etc, so I looked at the expensive ones that would run for days, not hours, and the reviews said they didn’t lower the humidity, they just absorbed moisture does. Anyone have any experience or knowledge on what the best one might be? I run a 600 watt hps in a 5x3x6, with a pretty robust exhaust, but it’s all on a timer, and turns off at night, around this time it reaches 59% humidity. If anyone has any sure fire dehumidifiers that could bring it lower then 40%, 45%, that would be great I’d hate to waste money on a dehumidifier that’s a piece of junk. :)

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    I got the new Toshiba Dehumidifier from Home Depot. Think it was like $150 or $200. Hooked a garden hose to it and ran it to my sump well for continuous action. I also Gorilla Taped some 6inch flex ducting to the exhaust (8inch probably would have worked better) and ran that inside of my bloom tent.
    The way I have it setup I have no problem at all keeping it under 40% and sometimes I even notice it around 30% RH so I turn it off for a few hours until it goes back up to around 50%

    Like I said, the 6 inch ducting doesn't cover the whole exhaust, so air is still being blown into the room which keeps the air outside the bloom tent and in the veg tents at around 55% RH.
  3. Theres nothing wrong with 59%. I often grow in much higher. I stopped fighting humidity long ago. Plants actually do great in high humidity, excellent actually. Just have to keep the air flow up and fresh
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  4. There is one con to using a dehumidifier, at least the one I got and the way I have it setup. Is that it raises the temp in the tent by about 5 degrees F. Can't say is it's just mine or if all of them do it. But if you're good with that then you should be ok.

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