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Best Dealer In The World

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by SortaStoner, May 19, 2013.

  1. So I haven't smoked in a bit trying to keep up with studying for exams and shit and just got out of SHOOL so I decided to call up and old friend and blow down, in hopes that he still smoked. He did, of course and we met at his house and found his old bong from high school in his treehouse. His little brother must have started smoking because it reaked in there and the bong was clean as a whisyle. So we talk to his little brother who is a sophomore and he tells about his hookup so we decide to hit this guy up. This guy was working at Arby's and we made a drug deal through the drive they window lol! It was a t tad bit sketchy but no one was around. Anyway we got a twenty sack of what his little brother called "mids" that turned out the be crystals as fuck and reaked my whole car to the the point I triple wrapped te bag. We didn't know how much we got so we just went and got two white owls. Well for twenty bucks we rolled two 1.25g blunts and actually had enough left to where my buddy just filled a cigarette and rippe off the filter. Needless to say for 20 bucks I probably had 3Gs of some of the best shit that's hit my city.
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    lmao I can see a SUV rolling up to the Arbys drive-thru and dude throwing a sack of green in the car lol... funny stuff.
  3. nice. buttt is there a question?
  4. We have a saying around or gtfo.
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    Double post because I loaded the new post right after posting... weird.

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