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Best Deal? Last bag..

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Weedith, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. Normally i wouldnt ask this question, however, these next 2 weeks are my last weeks of smoking for a couple months for a few personal reasons.

    So, I have the choice of an eighth of dank, indica dominant, some sativa in there though, for $40. OR a quarter of mids, 60/40 indica/sativa, also for $40.

    I have to make whichever bag i get last for 2 weeks. So, what should i get?

    Tl;Dr- should i get an eight of dank, mostly indica, or a quarter of mids, hybrid with a little more indica, to last me my last 2 weeks of smoking for a while? :p
  2. You pretty much got a choice to make.

    Get baked and have maybe a day or two worth of bud.

    Or be High for two weeks.

    I honestly can't even make a choice.
  3. I'd go with the quarter, as long as it isn't straight
    Dirt id rather make these last 2 weeks
    Count ya know? But obviously all on you. Good luck man!
  4. i would go with the mid and smoke half gram blunts for the 2 weeks.

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