Best day of your life

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  1. Let me start out by saying mine:

    So I woke up early in the morning and got a call from a girl that I was talking to for some time wanting to smoke, Of course I couldn't pass up the opportunity so she came over and we smoked. I laid back on my bed and she comes up and starts kissing me, I never knew she felt like this but i knew that I wanted her. Needless to say , Of course we did our thing :cool: . Then she's leaves, I walk her to the door and she kisses me goodbye and I come back in and take a nap. Later on that night I went to a buddy's party and she was there, She asked me if I wanted to go to a room and smoke with her and her friend (Which was a female) , Who am I to say no? So we go and smoke and they start kissing and touching on each other, That was the one and only 3 sum I've ever had. :cool: Needless to say, This was the best day of my life.
  2. Best day of my life.... Everyday before I got knocked up. LOL ill post a serious one later I have a few awesome days. :D btw go you. :D 3somes rule
  3. It was pretty amazing :)
  4. I think my best days started when I met my boyfriend.

    The day we met was great, our first date was amazing, and the first time we had sex was beautiful.

    I can't choose.
  5. I give it a month
  6. The best day of my life was when I first smoked Marijuana. or maybe not, I think asking Jesus to be my Lord was The best day ever.

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