Best Day in while??

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    so lately ive been smokin the bud alot. not much of a change from my usual schedual except today i ran out so i called up one of my friends hes a close guy ive know since high school,now what i was goin to do was harass him into giving me free bud cause he owed me but...when he picks up the phone he tells me he got busted and needed to get rid of all his shit quickly and cheaply.I went to his house cause after listening to the deals he was offering i couldnt refuse (1$ for 5 vicodin):eek: so when i show up i go in his house and i tell him to give me some adderral to start off then he comes back wit it and i ask so wer d goods at "i got money" he says follow me i told him i wanted to spend alot of money then he jus gives me 3 full bottles (vicodin,oxycodene,adderall) for free he then proceeded to tell me that since he wasnt goin to sell for a while he would introduce me to his connects for some hookups.

    what yall think GC good day or wat????:D
  2. Yeah word

    Not such a bad day today here either

    My dad rolled by, with a sack
    People coming by chillin'

    Passed my DT


  3. That is a fucking good day mean! Wanna send me some of em pills haha :smoking:
  4. lol, im jeolous, i use to sell vicodin in the 9th grade, lmao
  5. i took the adderall rite when he gave it to me since i took some last night i tought another 24hrs wont hurt anyone;) lol i just wanted to share my day wit my community

    ps. all jokes aside if one of ur homies is tryin to get rid of shit fast run over there

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