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Best Day... EVER!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by hummercash, Jan 14, 2004.

  1. well, maybe not ever, but it was a really good day.

    i usually go to bed @ like 3am and wake up around noon, but today i had my mom wake me up @ 8:30 before she left for work. so i wait til she leaves, then i smoke 2 heaping bowls. i showered, did some shit around the house, then @ 10:30 my friend picked me up and we went to IHOP. i had 2 eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns and all you can eat pancakes. mmmmmmmmmm. i ate about 5 pancakes w/ those flavored syrups (coulda had like 15 if i didnt get the eggs and shit).

    then we go to Best Buy where i FINALLY get Half Baked (ive been to that best buy about 3 times in the last week and they never have it out even though it says they have 4 in stock). after Best Buy, we headed over to CompUSA where i ended up playing w/ Apple's Soundtrack on a powermac G5 for about 15-30 minutes. Soundtrack is the shit when ur high (and when ur not).

    By now its like 1:30 and we drive by a Quiznos, so being the fatties we are, we stop and get lunch. Regular Tuscan Chicken for me... and a small sprite cuz the god damn Dr. Pepper was broken :(

    after lunch we went back to my friend's house where i managed to level up Gandalf in LOTR:RotK for PS2. Then we played 2 games in our Madden 2004 season. during the second game i started getting REALLY sleepy, started dozing off and then would wake up every time i heard the whistle from the ref. decided it would be a good time to go home before i fell asleep on my friends couch.

    so at home i turned my electric blanket to high and popped half baked in... fell asleep 30 minutes into it and didn't wake up til about 2 hours ago (11pm). nice little nap. watched Tough Crowd. now its time to go back to bed.

    pretty good day if you ask me :)

  2. sounds like a phat day, i wish me/one of my friends had a car, it would be sooo sweet, and much easier....
  3. Half Baked DVD.....I was expecting so much more from that. The only special features are like text to read, and maybe a trailer or two. Oh well, I still am glad I have it since i love that movie.
  4. sounds like a good day to me
  5. As good of a day as any!!

    Just remember to repeat as oftn as you can!!!!
  6. hey another mac person.... sweet. i have a g4 cube.... yeah.
  7. Ahh man that sounds like one of my days. I usually don't go to bed til around 5 am though cuz i have insomnia. I love those short days and long nights.

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