Best day EVER!

Discussion in 'General' started by spikeman, Nov 26, 2003.

  1. I was bored looking around my house, and above my computer there is a big clock on the wall, one of the kind with the swinging thing, buts its all in a box with windows and stuff, and a big door on the front, all wood, very nice. I decided to open it. I saw this little baggy and I pick it up, it turns out to be weed my parents confiscated a couple of months ago. I am so estatic right now considering i've been dry the past 5 days.
  2. Lol, ya always seem to find it when ya need it the most. Hopefully your 'rents won't remember how much was in there!
  3. You lucky son of a bitch, i just know how you would feel after finding that, i really do :)

    Hopefully i'm getting a half ounce tommorow though, smokeage :)
  4. Are you sure it's your old bag, and not a newer one from one of your parents? ! That'd be cool
  5. even the crappiest dryest shwaaaaaaaaaggyiest bud ever is AWESOME when you just find it :D
  6. how much was there enough to get you fucked for the day.
  7. there was and 1/8th of green, but its schwag now, but schwag is good when your dry. Ya, i have to leave the majority of it there which is bogus, but I got 3/8ths comin to me tomarrow or the next so it doesn't really matter, it also means that i will have some extra stuff next time im dry. ha ha ha good picture. lol
  8. damn. now i want a clock

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