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  1. I think a million man march for marijuana isn't the way to go. First, marching isn't terribly fun, and second, I don't think a rally in front of the white house will get send the message.

    An alternative would be organize a consent. Set up something like OZ-fest or Warped Tour. Have a main stage and several side stages with local bands and different genres. Have a little something for everyone and draw a larger crowd. Run a stage with Cypress Hill, Kotton Mouth Kings, and the like. Have another stage for comedy, Cheech and Chong, Cat Williams, Dave Chappelle, and similar comedians. Willy Nelson and other such on another stage. You could set up Rock stages, Punk/Ska stages, and Reggae stages. I don't think there is a genre of music that doesn't have those sympathetic to the cause.
    Have norml and LEAP members on stage during set changes telling people their rights, and how to get involved while the next band is setting up.
    Set up booths for causes. Set up computer stations where people can wright their representatives. Sign petitions that are circulating for local causes.

    In Northern California they hold reggae at the river annually. They hold it on a private strip of the river, and have private security. . . Private security is not concerned with drug use. They are there to stop fights, vandalism and other such violent and destructive crimes. I Know Northern California is more tolerant of drugs than most other areas in the US, but all over there are smokers, and other sympathetic to the cause. It shouldn't be too hard to set up that kind of venue and entertainment. I think the hardest part would be booking the bands, and keeping the ticket cost affordable with headliner bands (normally they demand a higher pay for their appearance).

    Holding a concert like this would be a fun way for people to get involved, and areas where we can find a venue that doesn't mind us having private security, all the more fun to be had.

    The issue would be with people who are borderline on the subject, but don't want to associate with the demographic. For example, I was talking with my grandparents of all people and they said they think it is stupid to have such an otherwise harmless drug illegal. I don't think they would be interested in a concert like this, but I know they would vote for legislation to legalize given the opportunity. It should be our job to get it on the ballot, and their job to push it through.

    Of the estimated 300 million people in the US 97 million Americans have admitted to having tried Marijuana. That is nearly 1/3. A good majority of those must see the benefit of legalization, if nothing else, the tax benefit to be had. The more taxes collected through marijuana the less Americans have to pay. The less marijuana offenders behind bars that's $62/day per inmate (in a state prison). people argue that people behind bars with drug charges normally have other charges too. Possession with intent to sell is a common one. Would you have illegal drug pushing if drugs where regulated by the state? Probably just as much as you have tax evasion for cigarettes. Would be hard to make a good profit on a legal drug, so it wouldn't be as profitable to drug cartels and gangs.

    Point being: Lets party, and legalize it.. at the same time. Any other ideas? Will it work?
  2. This reminds me of a movie, where this guy who has copious amounts of land, and it ends up being wood stock and they town hates him and stuff cause of all the hippies. we could re invent wood stock guys!
  3. lol
    Haven't seen the movie yet, and I'm not looking to reinvent Woodstock.. That was one event.. I think it would be cool to set up some kind of tour.

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