Best Concert's you've ever been to

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  1. [ame=""]YouTube - MEGADETH "Loved To Death" LIVE DETROIT 86 POLLAND, SAMUELSON[/ame]

    I saw Megadeth every time they played Detroit.. from the very first tour at the tiny club Traxx (Demolished years ago) to "Clash of the Titans" in '91.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Metallica 1986.04.04 Detroit, MI - Creeping Death[/ame]

    Fucked up and missed 'em supporting "Ride the Lightning".. Knew the dude who filmed this footage.
  2. Not sure musically the best concert I've ever been to, but the most entertaining was when I saw The Red Chord and witnessed a guy in a wheelchair crowd surf, then watched his wheel chair "crowd surf" up after him...the brought the wheelchair guy on stage.
  3. hmm..i've been to many many venues before, like watching black dahlia and job for a cowboy with children of bodom and megadeth to watching Primus up in SantaBarbara.

    So, i think i would have to say the most FUN concert i've been to was Primus, because right after we initiated camping in the los pedros mountains..such a siick adventure haha
  4. I was like 30 ft. to your left.
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    ive only been to a couple concerts... wiz khalifa was alright smoked some blunts during it, rap kinda sucks live though...

    schwayzee, was pretty sick back when buzzin just came out.. smoked some blunts, drank some jager, and hot women were everywhere.. this chick i was with was dancing barefoot and stepped in broken glass so we had to carry her out lol.

    went to MIA back in the day, it was cool.. lot of gay guys though

    went to pierce the viel (or sumthing), mayday parade, and emery with a friend that listens to that music and i was high so it was cool.

    was going to go to wakarusa music festival (4 days of large amounts of bud and beer, maybe some lsd if your in the mood) but then i got in trouble and couldnt go =(
  6. I would take a Shwayze concert any day of the freaking week :D
  7. Slash's solo tour .. BEST FUCKING THING OF MY LIFE.
    first of all hes my fuckin god and he played this really cool venue with only 1000 people in it so it was really intamite/ up close and cool .
    well me and my girlfriends got front row and rocked the fuck out ! everyone in the band tryed giving us something but never got anything so after the concert they got roadies to come give us shit . Slash looked over and smiled at us ugh most amazing moment of my life the man i fuckin praise looks at me .:p OMFG i cant believe that shit happened. :hello:
  8. Because i never saw the original dead. Furthur hands down. Moe is a fun show but nothing like a furthur show these days. The atmosphere there is almost as amazing as the concert itself also. Loved the summer days hanging around the lot talking with everyone.
  9. The best concert I've ever been to was probably Dave Matthews Band at MSG. I'm going to see Kid Cudi on 4/20 lol let's see if he tops DMB.

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