Best Concert's you've ever been to

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  1. david grisman bonnaroo 09
    2 phish shows bonnaroo 09
    Eagles 09

  2. yeah dude i fucking bet, incubus puts on great shows, and its the first show they have played in like a year with no future tour dates in sight, obviously theyw ere gonna play the best set they could

    how was slightly stoopid's set? i used to love SS but the last show i saw them at was so fucking disappointing that i havent even listened to them since that show

  3. I was about 10 feet away from Cactus, feeling the mad vibes from his bass.
    Possum was my favorite from the concert.
  4. Higher Ground brings in some respectable talent...

    I've seen state radio a couple of times there.
  5. Bassnectar
    Vampire Weekend

  6. Yeah I love BOTAR there pretty awesome. My two favorite bands are Streetlight Manifesto and Dave Matthews Band all I need in life
  7. The roots picnic 2009 completly changed my life.
  8. Just got back from an Enter Shikari Concert and it was intense!
  9. Shiit, I went to a Jedi Mind Tricks concert at the Pearl Street Club in Mass. Real good show. Even the opening emcees were dope, and Jedi Mind/The AOTP crew fuckin' killed it.

    They brought so much energy to the show, and I went from about the upper-middle section to the very front (it was all standing) with a good 30 minutes of the concert left. Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY was burning. Security guards would walk through and ask for rips of joints or blunts. Mad easy place to burn and drink, and I had a blast.

    The rest I'm hazy on cause I was a lot more fucked up on different substances, but I've seen Khalifa, Nas, Atmosphere, Apathy Esoteric and Celph Titled (dudes killed it), Bassnectar, Murs, Mr. Lif, Cage, Del, Tribe, Snoop, Wu, and a few more I'm forgetting. All great shows though.
  10. I saw Miike Snow on Oct. 16, but the highlights of the night were MNDR and Mark Ronson who opened. Both amazing electronic/dj stuff
  11. Saw Blink 182 back in 04 - they played Carousel, which was amazing!
  12. Ive only been to 3 concerts so far but they all were great.

    Buzz Bake Sale 2008 and 2009(its a one day music fest that one of the radiostations around here does) Im going to the 2010 bake sale in december, 15 great bands will be there.

    Projekt Revolution 2008, fucking awesome.
  13. Glassjaw at the Avalon. I love that place.
    I also saw them at Saints and Sinners a few years ago in Jersey and I met Manny :love:

  14. pearl street is def one of my fav venues..i wish they got better shows there on the reg

    the security sucks there tho...they walk around the whole show just pushing people out of their ways so they can be a buzzkill...actually i was like right in the middle near the bar and wasnt really paying i took a baggy out of my pocket and put one of the pills on my tongue...and when it was still on my toungue a dude comes up and asks me what i got like nothing dude...then i realize its security and im like fuck...he just took my other roll while one was on my tongue and let me go...but thats the only venue where ive seen security walk around the whole time IN the crowd pushing people out of their was fucking stupid...just so they can find an underage kid drinking a beer or someone lighting up

    when they came my way i made sure i was kinda a dick and wouldnt let them through and just go fuckin nuts dancing basically right on top of them (cuz it was a bassnectar show)
  15. seen the wailers last year. Also saw the specials at millenium square.

    Saw Blur at glastonbury.

    Saw system of a down at leeds festival, metallica followed on the same stage.

    All the DMZ nights ive ever been to.
  16. CKY in 2009
    Radiohead in 2008
    Tool in 2007
    Ween in 2007
    Primus in 2006
    And all 5 DMB shows I've been to

  17. Mayhemfest 2009 at the Comcast Center in Mansfield MA, saw the following:
    Bullet for my Valentine
    Killswitch Engage
    Marilyn Manson (not a fan at all)
    Cannibal Corpse
    The Black Dahlia Murder- What A Horrible Night to Have A Curse= craziest/biggest pit of my life
    Job for A Cowboy
    All that Remains
    God Forbid
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    Oh man.

    I saw this thread, and I had to post in it.

    I can totally believe Streetlight would inspire you to make this thread.

    Their show was unbelievable. The energy was outstanding, literally every minute or two there was someone crowd surfing. And the whole joint was singing the songs. At the end, everyone at the show stayed and chanted, "one more song," and then started to sing, "oh lay, oh lay" until they came back out and song 5 encore sets.

    That had been the best night of my life.

    One the opposite side; there's this venue that they just built in my area, that for some reason(no matter who's playing the gig) always attracts a really bad vibe. Somebody I talked to described it as people just coming there to party, not to listen to the music.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Streetlight Manifesto (live) - Point/Keasbey/Counterpoint - 7/28/10 - Lincoln Theatre[/ame]
  19. Also The Pink Floyd Experience was pretty sweet at the Flynn
  20. It wood hav to b my first:smoke:. Nazareth n 1973:eek:,,,and hate to admit it but Kiss n 1977 was right up there:eek:. My last was Papa Roach 2004;)

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