Best Concert's you've ever been to

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  1. All Good Music Festival 2010 for sure! Furthur, Bassnectar, Widespread, Yonder, New Deal, Lotus, DSO, Tea Leaf Green, Keller Williams, Keller and the Keels, PAPADOSIO!!!!!!!!!!, and sooooo many more.

    The most lifechanging show ever was Papadosio at Stir Fry Music Festival. Papadosio has only been around for four years, but the blend of rock/electronic is perfect. Here's a link to a recent show, check it out.
  2. Rush from the 18th row. The other two shows were kickass as well.
    Roger Waters on the DSOTM tour
    Gov't Mule both times
    Phish in Chicago
  3. [ame=]YouTube - Roger Waters - Stop/The Trial - Toronto - The Wall LIVE 2010[/ame]

    Best show I've ever seen
    • Col. Bruce Hampton and Aquarium Rescue Unit at Variety Playhouse Atlanta, Ga Oct 2006
    • Black Crowes at the Riviera, Chicago Oct 2006
    • Iron Maiden at Rosemont Horizon March 1987
    • Medeski, Martin & Wood at the Vic Theatre, Chicago April 2005
  4. Lotus and STS9 in NYC this summer
    Phish in Mansfield
    Slightly Stoopid at Asbury Park
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  6. Paul McCartney
    Wayne The Train Hancock
    Hank III
    Kings X
  7. Totally forgot one concert that I've been to.

    Front row at Peery's Egyptian Theatre watching Zakir Hussain and the Masters of Percussion.

    Paid $10 to get seats nobody wanted. Who is crazy enough to not want front seats and watch the fastest hands/fingers in percussion??
  8. Death Cab for Cutie, Ra Ra Riot, Cold War Kids, Killswitch Engage, Three Days Grace, and Breaking Benjamin.
  9. The Pixies...played Doolittle in it's entirety! Amazing!

  10. Nah, the show I went to was last year (April, I think). I wanted to go see them play with Primus up in Burlington a couple months ago but my paycheck came in literally the same day as the show and I couldn't get a ticket.:(

    I will be going to see them he next time they come around for sure.:smoke:
  11. KISS :love:

    and Lotus:smoke:
  12. I saw Cake at Green River Fest in Greenfield Mass, the venue was dry and cops were everywhere but the show was good nonetheless. Not the 'best' show I've seen by any stretch but its up there.
  13. 1984 Jacksons Victory tour at JFK stadium in Philly. It was special because it was my first concert at ten years old, we had great seats and MJ was great. A live Billie Jean performance is hard to top in my book. :D
  14. passion pit on psychedelics and many girls and somehow i managed to get one to grind with me for like 4 songs, lol if she turned around and saw my eyes im sure she woulda ran

    **my bad if i cant mention other drugs admins, im kinda unclear on the rules, but def not advising anyone to take anything
  15. Only been to three and they were all tight in their own way

    Lil Wayne 09, got super fucked up but I sure did have a good time from what I remember

    Tom Petty this year, so many bitches, got high and made out with a hot stranger, i'd call that a success story:)

    Mayhem Festival this year, throwin bows in the pit all day!!
  16. Tool


    Dave Matthews Band


    Pnc bank arts center. Thunder storm was passing during wings for marie, during the thunder part. Best experience
  17. +Rep, damn sonny you are very lucky. Streetlight has always been one of my favorite ska/punk bands, although i miss catch 22's original lineup also. Check out their acoustic/orchestra style stuff too (bandits of the acoustic revolution).
    I had a chance to see them last year, but I kind of blew it. I waited until the day of the show to go up to Ticketmaster and cop tickets, and it turned out that they had been sold out for a day or so.

    I'd have to make it a tie between two shows for the best concert(s) i've ever been to. Jedi mind tricks in Cleveland was a crazzzzzzzzzy show. There were tons of good opening acts, a chill/fun crowd (sometimes, a show can be ruined by an annoying crowd of little teeny boppers or obnoxious skinheads and assholes trying to start shit). There were tons of opening rappers handing out free CD's and shit, letting people jump on stage and light up, etc.
    Then Vinnie, Stoupe, Jus Allah (can't really stand his newer style, but he used to be ill, don't know what happened to him) and Crypt the Warchild came out. They did a lot of older JMT stuff and Stoupe was going nuts on 3 or 4 turntables and mixers at once. They even switched it up and played some Army of the pharaohs stuff, all getting the crowd going.

    The next show that i loved was seeing the Misfits. It was back after they released Porject 1950, with Jerry, Dez, and marky ramone touring. My friend acutally knew one of the roadies really good. While some of the opening bands were on (did't sound too great) we got to go backstage to the VIP section.
    The concert was being held in some huge Golf-Dome thing, so backstage was in the driving range/lounge and bar area. We got treated to a huge ass buffett of sammiches and snacks and just ended up hitting balls on the range. Then Dez and Jerry came out and ended up kicking it with us, hitting some shots on the golf-range and shit. It was awesome just having some time to kick back with them.
    They ran out to the tour bus and told us to come back, so we did, but ended up having to wait outside of it with a couple of other people. It was still cool though, cause we all got invited in and got to chill some more with jerry and dez, get pictures and autographs and all that. For some reason, Marky was being a dick though. He was back in his room alone, and didn't even come out until they were going on. He walked by everyone without saying a word, while everyone else was getting pumped for the show and shit. STILL FUN TIMES TO MEET LONG TIME LEGENDS BRAH

    i'm stoned, drunk, typed too much, out peace
  18. out of all concerts i'd pick each Bane show(seen em a 3 times) each show blew me away
    nothing like being baked singing count me out..aha
  19. Nine Inch Nails - Awesome show, lights, songs, crowd, everything.
    Incubus - Sounded even better than on the records.

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