Best Concert's you've ever been to

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  1. Beastie boys were prob incredible back in the day
  2. Slightly Stoopid and Rebelution
    The Wailers
    Wiz Khalifa
    Curren$y and Chris Webby
  3. Top 5:

    KISS (Front row centre!)
    AC/DC (Outdoor show with 70,000 people, thunder and lighting and pooring rain all concert, could it get any better?)
    Iron Maiden (Front row centre)
    Roger Waters (Dark side of the moon tour)
  4. Paul McCartney played at Citi Field last summer. Awesome show
  5. Probably the first show I ever played in. It will probably be my favorite concert forever.
  6. Bassnectar, Pink Floyd Laser Spectacular, Pink Floyd Experience, Bonobo, Infected Mushroom (amazing live), John Williams (everybody was waving light sabers around), MartyParty, uhh uhhhhhh I am sure there are tons more that I have at one time or another said "That was the best show I've ever seen!!!" but I was probably fucked up and therefore cannot recall :smoke:

  7. I've seen Gogol Bordello at the Higher Ground in Burlington VT, Eugene Hutz is probably one of the greatest performers alive today. That band has such awesome energy. The entire crowd was jumping.
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    Was it the show this summer? I saw that one too (the Williamsburg show was the next night).

    They were great at the Higher Ground, and even though they played the same set, the Williamsburg show was just insane.

    ETA: And I agree, Eugene is an amazing performer. Love him!
  9. What Umphrey's shows have you been to?

    Best show I've ever been to was probably moe. at the Armory last year's Halloween, great setlist and a great night.
  10. Pointfest 06 - first concert ever so definitely awesome
    Megadeth - 08 or 09. Pretty close to the stage.. amazing.
    Alice in chains, deftones, mastadon - 2 nights ago. was the SHIT!
    Mayhem Fest 09 was ballin too
  11. just a few

    incubus summer of 09 tour
    slightly stoopid with snoop dogg blazed and confused tour

    and everything else are sets from festivals...ill just name the individual sets

    Bassnectar at camp bisco and electric zoo
    rusko at camp bisco
    boys noize at electric zoo
    diplo at electric zoo and camp bisco
    Pretty Lights at electric zoo
  12. The eminem and jay-z concert at yankee stadium was by far the best one ive been to
  13. Roger Waters performing The Wall at TD Garden last thursday.

    Far beyond anything else I have experienced.

  14. was it really that good? my company works security venues all around new england and i probly could have worked that show if i wanted to, but idk i hate driving in boston and even as an employee i gotta pay 40$ for parking, FUCK that

    i heard there was like some huge plane that crashed into the wall or sumthing

    im a HUGE pf fan but idk, The Wall is honestly one of my least favorite floyd albums, if it was WYWH or Animals i sooooooo would have worked that show, my company works in the front area too so i woulda been near the front, just watching the show and gettin paid for it
  15. Tiesto at the Electric Factory in Philly 2009 October, Kaleidoscope tour. Even though I love his old stuff, this was still epic as fuck and was my life goal to see Tiesto; him being the reason I got into EDM.

    Also, Bob Dylan who I've seen twice. Once with Willie Nelson opening and the second with the Raconteurs opening. Everyone says he is terrible live but I think he's so much better live. Got offered a blunt at the second concert by some random guys, but this was when I was younger, didn't smoke and was with my friends parents as well, they got a kick out of it haha.

    Phil Lesh and Levon Helm was awesome also

    EDIT: Oh wow and I can't believe I forgot about John Mayer, saw him twice. He is absolutely amazing live, first concert I saw of him he starts playing body is a wonderland, stops and says no fuck that and goes into some blues solo. Second time I don't remember much of haha
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    I'm going to be honest, The Wall is probably about my third favorite Pink Floyd album,
    Meddle and Animals being my top 2.

    But the show was truly just on another level to anything I have seen like
    I said before.

    There was so much going on like the giant plane flying into the wall, a giant pig floating
    around the entire time, like 50 foot was more like an experiece than a concert.

    Being a Pink Floyd fan, you definitely should have tried to work that one.

    I mean, I am also a huge Floyd fan, and dropped 4 bills on one floor ticket like it was nothing...

    This is probably the last time any member of Pink Floyd will ever perform again,
    so I wasn't about to be picky about which songs they were playin, ya'know?

    I will never forget it...I get chills listening to the album now...

  17. yeah i hear that...the big thing for me is that i just hate driving into boston for concerts (that i have to work at) cuz i gotta pay for parking and its like an hour away, employees shudnt have to pay for parking, its fucking bullshit...idk i just hate the wall, i genuinly dont like it, theres a couple good songs on it but as a whole it isnt great

    i wish i went to concerts back in 05 when roger waters played DSOM...i soooo would have gone to that show
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    That1Guy by far. Was even better than primus(hate to say it)

    He even plays the saw!
    [ame=""]YouTube - That 1 Guy - Somewhere Over the Rainbow (live)[/ame]
  19. Sigur Ros, Sept. 2008, The Saltair
    Polysics 2008, In the Venue
    Arcade Fire Sept. 2007, Thanksgiving Point
  20. Iron Maiden!!!!

    Metallica was a good show too!

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