Best Concert you have ever attended?

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  1. Espically if high on some form of drug, what was the best/most intense concert you have ever attended, or dream to attend?

    My dream for this summer: Dave Matthews Band..smoking a fat J and taking it in..:smoking:
  2. George Clinton, The Who, or Snoop, hard to choose
  3. bruce or arcade fire
  4. slightly stoopid. shit was crazy.

    hoping too see them again on the blazed and confused tour!
  5. Rage Against the Machine- July 28th 2007 Randalls Island NYC

    The Receiving End of Sirens farewell show- May 5th 2008 Harpers Ferry Allston MA

    Those two immediately come to mind.
  6. I'm a classic rock and 80's rock girl....saw Def Leppard last year and that was by far the best concert I have ever been to....those guys ROCK!
  7. I envy you.

    Mine was the Allman brothers 2005 or 2006 its escaping me...

    But soon I'm going to a slightly stoopid/damian marley/snoop dog
    It will be memorable to say the least.
  8. iron maiden in feb 07 was fucking BADASS
  9. Chevelle.

    they put on a greattttttt show :metal:
  10. I snuck into Pearl jam at the comcast center (tweeter center) near bosotn last year...i saw a great fuckin show and smoked a ton of weed...its something i will never forget

    i also shroomed at slightly stoopid in providence RI...thats was awesome too
  11. Gojira was incredible when I went to see them.. 311 and DMB hopefully this month and next. Dunno if I'll be able to go see 'em, though. :(
  12. Rage Against the far. Saw them at Lolla last year.
  13. the flaming lips, weirdest/craziest shit ive ever seen, stoopid never disappoints me as well
  14. Ravi Shankar + Zakir Hussain
  15. Roger Waters and Nick Mason doing Dark Side of the Moon. First half of the concert was all of Pink Floyds other best songs too. effing sweet.
  16. RATM - Voodoo Fest - drunk as shit
    Butthole Surfers - Voodoo Fest - drunk as shit
    Mudhoney - bar in New Orleans - on acid
    Buckethead and Thatoneguy - bar in New Orleans - on acid

    Those were pretty tight.
  17. My favorite was probably Redman or Ice Cube & WC. My life will not be complete until I see Rammstein in person though. Maybe someday :rolleyes:
  18. Have you seen a video of live rammstein when the lead singer wears a strap on and borderline rapes some guy dressed in a slave outfit on stage? :eek:

    That is showmanship.
  19. Lol yes. They may be (are) weirdos but they do make good music and put on awesome shows.
  20. The Beastie Boys in 1994 at Lollapalooza

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