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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by smoking515, May 6, 2011.

  1. Ok so on May 4th I went to slightly stoopid, at the amphitheatre in downtown Des Moines. So i get there like 5:30 with some bros and we wait in line then we go in and talk to people and and shit till this black guy ( dont remember his name) comes out and starts singing and hes was really good, he was from New Orleans. Then Meat head a band that was touring with them came out and they were alright. But while there playing a few people get up and start dancing and then every one joins in, then a j gets passed around and i get a few hits so now im feeling a little buzzed. So then they stop playing and there playing music while slightly stoopid is geting ready, so everyone huddles around each other bowls loaded and joints and blunt ready to light when they come out. I get super fucking high and the whole time they were playing it was sick, and alot hot bitchs and grinded with a few. So they finish and go back then every one starts chanting " ENCORE!!!" so they came back out and did not just 1, not 2, not 3! but 5 song encore! Gets over around 10:30 and i head home. It was the best concert ive ever been to if you get a chance you gotta go to slightly stoopid lead singer even hit like 5 different j's.:D
  2. sounds like a pretty sick time man
    makes me wanna go see a concert haha
  3. Oh yeah. To be honest they dont sound that great live, but its still chill as fuck vibes and the shit going on at those concerts is ridiculous. just hella weed smokin :smoke:
  4. slightly stoopid concerts are so dope. especially when they go on tour. I went to blazed and confused tour 2 years ago with snoop, the marleys, and slightly stoopid. they had a legalize it tour which was also sick but i couldnt go. i hope they have another tour with some weed smoking artist again this summer!
  5. Fucking sounds awesome.
  6. Yup! I went to Blazed and Confused last year! so dope. smoked a spliff that had 1.2 of tobacco and like 2 g's of dank... and got four g's of Alaskan thunderfuck for 20 bucks.
  7. went to stone temple pilot concert high as fuck. i was new to smoking.very fun
  8. Um Blazed and Confused was not last year, last year was Legalize it i would i know i went, and Miles is married to my cousin San Diego Represent bitches.
  9. That's weird... I went to a slightly stoopid concert on may 4th too! Didn't get in a circle of highness tho:(
  10. Sounds real dope. I remember at a Kottonmouth Kings concert people were getting pretty much beat the fuck & thrown out for smoking. I remember at the end when the lights got turned on there was broken glass EVERYWHERE.

  11. oh if you were in the circle right by the band j's were getting passed around and shit :smoke:

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