Best concert drug?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by BayAreaToker, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. I'm going to see Porcupine Tree next week and I wanna know what the best drug for concerts is. I'm thinking about E but we have seats and I'm not sure I'll want to sit down for a couple hours while I'm rolling.

    Suggestions???? :wave:
  2. M-D-M-A all day!!!
  3. :cool:

  4. dude, when i thizz, all i do is sit and trip balls.
  5. 2ct2 ftw, you wont regret it
  6. thizz is good, but you will be in seats, so fuck that
    i saw les claypool on some shrooms, it was pretty amazing
  7. Acid, Mushrooms, Thizzles...
  8. rolls man, tabs would be sick also, but i like to roam around on tabs
  9. E is mad good at concerts
  10. Rolls. Bring lots of water with you
  11. Acid and Rolls. Nothing better.
  12. candy flip that shit.

    i candy flipped at 3 of the 5 phish concerts i went to and i was in another world

    i didnt know i could dance so well :D
  13. Haha fuck yea!

    I always wonder if it's that you just don't give a fuck when flipping or if you really become a better dancer, cause I feel the same way haha.
  14. seats, what? i can't imagine rolling and sitting to be much fun...i would stick to either very strong weed edibles or acid. try to find edibles made with hash oil rather than the traditional butter.
  15. is acid really that fun at concerts?

    im debating to take my last two blotters at a 311 and KMK concert
  16. fuck the seats, roll balls and dance around
  17. Acid = Awesome everywhere lol
  18. Molly


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