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Best Color Lighting Holla.....

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by hydrodank, Sep 19, 2003.

  1. Eh yo I was wondering what color would be the best for growing.... like orange/yellow....bluish lights..... orange..... just wonderin which one will produce a lot of good light and is the most efficent so holla at me aiight Peace
  2. HPS light for flowering/MH light for growing till its time to flower.
    OR better yet use the two lights at same time!
  3. damn yo thanks but u didn't answer any of my questions....wat colors??

  4. best indoor light for growing a plant from start to finish is HPS and that light is a bit orange. MH is slightly blue and is better 4 vegging. HPS is the most efficent light.

    if u just want to buy 1 light get a HPS.

    no indoor light is as good or as cheap to run as the sun.
  5. the most effecient lights are LED's they arent cheap but are extremy effecient light/energy wise because they only emmit a certian wavelength and only emmit light in one direction the best colors for goriwng palnts are.

    690-640nm red
    470nm blue

    Do a search on overgrow for led dispays they are about $38 to build each one and you probably need at least 2 to grow a single plant ScrOG style.

    Oher then that a $45 150w hps from home depot would work best.

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