Best coffee grinder for grinding weed fine?

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by Immune21, Oct 10, 2010.

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  1. I'm currently looking for a coffee grinder for my weed for my Magic Flight Launch Box because I know that finer=better.

    I'm currently using a 4 piece Sharpstone that gets the job done, but I'm coming up on some money so I might as well upgrade or something.

    Anyone have any experience with coffee grinders?

    Appreciate the help!
  2. Ya, go to walmart, buy the cheapest electric one. Was 5 - 7 dollars, can't remember, works pretty good just make sure to get as much stem out as possible, you won't know it's even in there till your smoking it :p Works good, doesn't grind evenly but you can always just take the super ground stuff, then grind more! Good luck sir!
  3. I'm kinda lazy, anything like that I can order online?
  4. grinding it to fine will make it burn fast.
  5. True. But a fine grind makes for more effective vaporization.
  6. thats true as well.

    i used coffee grinders before.. it's a bitch to roll up in a gar with fine weed powder cause it always wants to escape either from the mouth peice or the other end of the gar
  7. coffee grinders wont grind herb. youll need a space case for that. check it these reviews:
  8. If he hasn't gotten something by now he never will.
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