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Best Cloning gel/powder for $20?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Libbyloola, Nov 9, 2010.

  1. what is everyones best cloning get or powder that they have used?I only want to spend around $20 if possible. Were going to try 'monster cloning'. Ive read that around 20 days or when it first starts to bud is the best time to cut them.Does this sound right? I have tried a couple clones with cheap powder from home depot and they dont have any signs of lasting so hopefully this will turn out better. Any and all help appreiciated, thanks!
  2. I just use CloneX from my local grow shop and it works great :D
  3. they all work the same which is making clones root

    and usually dutch master replicator is cheaper than clones well it is wher i am and i use that and have had a 4/6 clone rate( 2 were my fault) with it

    but like i said it all works the same because its not really the gel or powder making roots its always the plant
    so you can do it withouth any gel if done right
  4. and sorry i didnt read that but no you dont wanna clone in flower so no bud on your tops when you clone only clone in vegetative stage so clone just plant no bud
  5. Not sure what cloning method you are using so I'm sorry if this doesn't apply but with the standard air pump + stones in pure well water (no PH adjustment) I had a 100% success rate on my last 30 clones.
  6. I switched from Olivia's to the cheap powder and it works better for me. I suggest you invest in some perlite and a $25 heating mat. These two things combined with scraping the tip of your clone, putting it in a little water and then dipping it into the powder has raised my success rate. The perlite and the heating mat allow you to keep a high humidity without having to over-soak your cubes or spay them all the time. I only leave the dome on for the first 4-6 days.
    Just my 2 cents.
  7. as stated clonex and olivia's.
  8. I use no rooting hormone. I take cuts and place them in a jar of water... then I stick a couple in my mouth and suck on em for a few seconds and stick em in my media. I have used many different things but I like rapid rooter plugs in a tray... I let the plugs stand in a seaweed solution to keep them moist.
  9. I've used CloneX since 1991 or so. Good stuff.

  10. Go to diy forum and build budslingers bubble cloner.............just think, 100% success rate, no root gel, no dome, no misting....no fukin around.........
    peace B
  11. Wilson rooting gel with fungicide

  12. I get 100% without building anything. Plugs in a tray sitting in seaweed solution is easy enough for anybody.. No gel, no dome, no misting. The only thing they get besides the seaweed is a little saliva from my mouth before they get stuck in the plugs. Put the tray on a seedling heat mat on a timer if you want to get faster rooting. I don't care if it takes a few extra days so I don't bother.
  13. So why exactly do you suck on the clones before sticking to the medium? :eek:
  14. Clonex. 100% success rate for me.
  15. ur saliva will act as a rooting gel... in the same way that it breaks down ur food and makes it easier for ur stomach it will help break down the hard stem and makes it easier for roots to pop out...i don't do it but if it works i might just try :)
  16. Built a cloner. +90% success so far.
  17. theres about 52 millions ways to propagate....and with so many factors weighing in on a cutting (e.i. genetics, environmental factors, cleanliness) theres no way to put an accurate success rate on any one method.

    different methods work for different people for different reasons.

    example: a while back i had a chemdog i picked up in vermont that had like a 20% success rate when i dipped in replicator and stuck em in cubes in perlite(took weeks as well) but when i tried using olivias clone solution(not gel) in cubes/perlite again i had 80% in about a week less time.
  18. first of all that is entirely untrue...u absolutely can clone budding plants...i have been doing it ever since i heard about the "21 day super branching clone"... i tried it and have never went back to cloning vegging plants...it does promote more branching no questions asked...the only drawback, even though little, is that it takes an extra 5-7 days on average to get roots...but for the extra branchin without slowwing growth by topping or LST, the extra week is worth it...and also anyone out there who has yet to make a bubble cloner, u are missin out...i made one a while ago for about 20 bucks total and have had 100% succes so far...with just tap water... no cloning powders or gels!!! these clones were cut at 21 days and roots started showing at about the 12th day...pictures taken on the 14th day...and u can obviously see the buds on top and roots on bottom

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  19. hey crazy you gotta link to that 21 day jaun? sounds interesting. ive cloned in flower before but didnt quite have a full "bud" formed like urs. i noticed it took longer but failed to notice the extensive branching( i also wasnt exactly lookin either). im def interested tho as i have a SSH in bloom that i decided not to clone and now have changed my mind. i was gonna just reveg her but if i can clone her and get results similar to urs it sounds like a worthwhile venture
  20. i dont have a link...but i'm sure if u search the threads somethin will come up...thats how i found it... definitely try to clip a few clones, worst thing that'll happen is u lose a few smaller branches...

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