Best Classic Rock Band 70s-80s

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  1. theres tons of them but i wanna know who you guys think is best. Give reasons.

    my Favorite is rush they got it all
  2. I second Rush!

    They're unbeatable.
  3. Pink Floyd for sure.

  4. This.
  5. Goin' to have to say Led Zeppelin for 70s-80s. When I think classic rock I think Jimmy and Jimi.
  6. Electric Light Orchestra
  7. ELO is awesome, glad to see them get some recognition. their so underrated
  8. [ame=]YouTube - Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody [ High Definition ][/ame]
  9. foghat,led zeppelin,zz top,black sabbath,santana,doobie brothers,lynyrd skynyrd,the james gang
  10. Floyd or Sabbath. But theres so many good bands that its hard to choose from.
  11. Don't forget Fleetwood Mac, one of the greatest bands ever!
  12. ac/dc ftw!
    elo ftw!

    Status Quo
    Deep Purple
  13. Queen and The Doors
  14. in terms of "classic rock" in this period probably Floyd.
  15. Queen...Pink Floyd probably the best by stoner accounts but all around Queen...Floyd never got 75,000 people to clap their hands...and sing their songs. In terms of crowd control putting on a show...and down right rocking out...I just don't think anyone tops Queen.
  16. Pink Floyd ofcourse IMO......They pretty much created their own genre of music. Absolutely genius. Had great meaningful lyrics backed with wild psychedelic melodic music that was outstandingly composed. Had a trippy stage performance with crazy lights and projector screen to hide their figures. Extreamly original, especially designing their brilliant concept albums. Have a wonderful yet sad story about Syd, Roger, Dave, Nick, and Rick.

    --"And oh by the way, Which ones Pink??" ;)

    Theres sooooo much meaning and story behind Pink Floyd thousands and thousands of pages worth, their very interesting to get to know :p I'm currently writing a book about them.

    It's hard to find any band or artist, ESPECIALLY TODAY, who talks about real values of life. Artist are usually talking about 'got so much money, buying everythingg, spending it on girls, drugs, guns, cars, etc.

    Pink Floyd's song 'Money' those lyrics and discover the truth, first line "Money, get away" :rolleyes: lyrical and musical genius' they are <3
  17. Your not supposed to clap your hand to Pink Floyd?? Your supposed to sit back drop your jaw in amazment. Maybe Pink Floyd didnt achieve that, but Queen never sold over 45,000,000+ on one album that changed one country like Pink Foyd did. :rolleyes:
  18. Grateful Dead or Pink Floyd, no one is or will ever be as creative as those 2 bands.

    EDIT: Queen? Anyone can grow a thick mustache and have harmonized lyrics.

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