Best City In California To Grow (Legal)

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  1. I am a personal grower currently living in Chicago and was considering the viability of moving to California to grow medical marijuana to sell to dispensaries. I have looked over the city and county laws and would like to live in a city and grow the most plants I legally (state) can and was also wondering about areas that are more weed friendly. I used to live in LA but was not a grower at the time. I would prefer to live in or near the city.

    My questions are:
    1. Where can I legally grow the most pot
    - Does canopy square footage apply to mature plants only or all plants grown
    - Oakland allows 72 plants but only 32 sq. ft. canopy while SF allows 24 plants and 25 sq. ft. of canopy
    - Oakland also allows 32 sq.ft indoors and up to 20 plants outdoors, does anyone know if this means that I can grow both crops with a canopy exceeding 32 sq.ft?

    2. How easy is it to sell to dispensaries at a reasonable price, IE is the market too saturated to sell higher legal quantities
    - Big question, where in california will I realistically be able to sell large profitable quantities

    3. Do I need to be taxed when selling to dispensaries or could this be considered a legitimate way to make income?

    Any help getting these three questions answered would be great. I have the knowledge to set up an operation, but I would like to be in compliance with city/county/state laws
  2. u posted this earlier?

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