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Best city for legal weed ??

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Boo_123, Aug 24, 2017.

  1. LA, Denver, Seattle? Somewhere else? Please give your suggestions
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  2. Never been to LA or Denver, but I live in Seattle and spend weekends in Portland regularly. Between the two, there isn't much difference. Plenty of dispensaries in both cities, and products are similarly priced. I think quality might be a bit higher at the dispensaries that I've been to in Portland, and it's nice that you can smell the product prior to purchasing, if they have smell jars. In Washington, everything is pre-sealed.
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  3. i apologize but im very naive to then whole concept of medical marijuana and dispensaries...

    all the legal cities are the same as far as access and ease of acquiring go? I just am kind of out of the loop, I know I need to research more. But all the research I've done makes it seem like all the cities with dispensaries, that it's the same del across the board?. Is this so? Or is it easier in certain cities
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  4. I've noticed that also about different stores in Colorado that I visited...some are available for smelling and some are already sealed. I prefer to smell unless I have a previous positive experience or something. I did notice that more offer the option to smell vs sealed in The area of Colorado I was visiting. Spent some time in Portland last year and only visited 2 shops.... Both were already sealed...but I had awesome product from both with great section and easy to use websites!!

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  5. Las Vegas or Reno Nevada..Lots to place to smoke it..LOL
    Sorry, my home is not available..;)
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  6. Not even for me?? I'll smoke on your porch then!
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  7. laughing.gif laughing.gif laughing.gif laughing.gif laughing.gif laughing.gif laughing.gif laughing.gif laughing.gif laughing.gif laughing.gif laughing.gif laughing.gif
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  8. Denver is probably the most established as of now
  9. The most beautiful place to obtain and use legal recreational cannabis is Incline Village on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe. C'mon up to the lake!

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  10. No stress! Yeah, all states that have recreational pot are generally similar. I have heard that Colorado allows the budtender (dispensary salesperson) to touch the bud, but I'm not certain. In Washington and Oregon, the packages are pre-sealed, but some Oregon dispensaries have jars with samples that you can smell. These samples cannot be sold. Dispensaries can do this when they grow the weed that they sell. In Washington, dispensaries cannot grow their own weed. Producers and processors sell to the dispensaries.

    As long as you're 21 and have a valid ID, you can buy at a dispensary in a recreational state. Medical states are a lot more complicated.
  11. Yeah, the websites in rec states are pretty great.

    I think that the weed that's for sale is required to be pre-packaged, but I think that Oregon dispensaries that grow their own weed can have sample jars for smelling their own weed. Not 100%, but my brother is a salesperson from dispensaries to other dispensaries. All of their stores have sample jars for their own brand.
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  12. Thanks a lot for your replies guys! I really appreciate it
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  13. They touch in OR. Didn't see any touching in WA in 2 different places.
  14. No they aren't...Literally drive to any MMJ doc. in San Jose and think of an excuse as you walk through the door. Say that your arm tendons hurt. That's it. Boom, you can buy weed.

    My pick goes to San Jose,CA.



    Pretty city, awesome weather, and a LOT of hiking, a LOT of food, a LOT of museums/galleries/historical sht.

    Why this small little Silicon Valley town of over 1 Million people?

    Because we have this:

    Number 1 dispensary in the country.

    And this:


    Number 2 dispensary in the country.
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  15. I'm not sure what the law states, but bud tenders aren't going to be touching your bud unless they do so while wearing rubber gloves and I've only seen that when a piece got dropped on the counter, or they need to break a piece to make the weight right.Generally, they don't touch it at all. They use funnels to transfer it from their container to yours, or tongs if needed.

    Some shops do prepackage weed here, but I wouldn't buy it personally. I had one try it once by letting me smell a "sample" bag but I insisted and they sold me the "smell sample." Most here let you see it in the jar and smell but not touch. Anyone selling prepacked stuff has too much ability to be shady in my opinion.
  16. Op, My vote is for Colorado. Don't stay in Denver though. Stock up on goodies in Denver and then find a small mountain town somewhere in the Rockies to spend your vacation. Denver is cool, but isn't much different than any other large city across the country. Get out of the major cities and you can meet some cool, weird people and experience something unique aside from getting legally baked.
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  17. Here,( Reno NV) they have samples that you can smell..If you ask, they let you touch samples with a tweezers..

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