Best Cigars For Blunts? (Western Australia)

Discussion in 'General' started by Mr.ThumbsGreen, Jun 17, 2013.

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    Okay I wanted to try some blunts for my birthday this year & I looked on the best tabacconist in my area's online site & they didn't have the usual, actaully none I've ever heard of. so which would be good use for a blunt? I live in Perth btw :)

  2. I have to know by tonight aswell :p
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    yeah you really don't wanna be looking at the best tobacconist in your area, high end cigars take some serious skill most of the time to open and roll; unless they happen to sell fronto leaves (a big natural tobacco leaves) Might wanna amend the thread title to attract your people from over there because I wouldn't have a clue what is available to you over there, most of the brands we use in the states are all cheap American made cigars that nobody actually smokes as a cigar lol. Cubans do burn like a champ though if you can pull it off ;)
  4. Yeah okay thanks for the info,  I don't even know if that store sells anything other than hand rolled cuban cigars any advice aha?
  5. I just use the old cafe cremes.
  6. Tapped out instead of cut.. Btw, happy birthday, I'm rolling a burner for Ya as we speak up NOR
  7. I think the best results I've had with Cubans are the big fat ones, yuh just gotta moisten it and get enough usable leaf off, rolled some nice blunts with big fat Cuban Cohibas (there is also Dominican Cohiba) I'm a blunt roller with a couple decades of skill on my belt though so yuh know.. I remember back in the day ending up with piles of crumbled tobacco leaf trying to use hand-rolled cigars ;) I used to work at a resort that had a big ol' humidor up in the bar that we would grab the key for and raid early in the day when the bar was closed and abandoned, rolled many blunts with cigars that cost more than the weed that went in them lol
  8. Definitely some white owls. snoop dogg exexutive branch are bomb blunts i just got
  9. \taw yeah nice defektif :p thankyou appriecate it man, thanks to everyone else with your replies aswell. & Judgement appreciate you sharing your stories/experiences with me aswell man had a good read :) hopefully i go alright picking these cigars tomorrow
  10. 2 years later and how did it go? Lol
  11. Brought back from the dead
  12. Yah gotta be able to find like Garcia Vegas or something at a liquor store

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  13. Personally my favorite are dutch masters. Sucks they usually only sell grape ones near me.

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