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Best Cigarettes To Mix With Weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Crackhead420, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. I'm in uk and as you all may know weed is quite expensive here so most people mix weed with their tobacco in joints regardless if they smoke or not. Weed generally costs £10 for 0.7-0.9 grams of dank called a tens and I'm also kinda broke. Generally to get a decent high I put half a tens in a joint. I don't smoke tobacco on its own and Im not addicted to it so whenever I try to smoke a cigarette its so disgusting and I can barely do it and end up being sick. However if I mix it with weed its easy to smoke as long as there isn't too much tobacco mixed. I'm wondering what's better? Marlboro silver (ultra lights) or reds (strongest). I'm leaning more towards lights or ultra lights but I'm not sure yet. I mix it with tobacco to get a nice little head rush in the beginning of smoking, to be hit by the weed faster and to make my joints bigger. So what do you mix it with and why?

  2. Get some Turkish blends. (Just regular pipe tobacco.)

    Or if you perfer cigarettes one would be Camel Turkish Royals.

  3. Nah I hate pipe tobacco, tried it before and didn't like it, hmm Ive been thinking of Camel. May I also add price is not an issue for cigarettes cause theyre all really cheap.
  4. I don't generally mix weed with tobacco, but my favorite type of cigs are Marlboro 27's.
    Oh dear god please help me from flaming these people.
  6. Haha whats wrong with it?
  7. #8 Crackhead420, Jun 5, 2013
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    Sounds great! But I like the little head rush and I don't believe ill get addicted or anything cause I never smoke cigarettes on theyre own unless Im drunk and I only blaze once a week or so plus theyre overpriced... oh my bad theyre not expensive (got the price mixed up)
  8. Be careful, I got addicted and regret it so much. I'd go with American Spirits though, additive free. Fuck all those extra chemicals man. 
  9. Weed is best to mix weed with. But if you must add baccy, I'd go with American Spirit for first pick, or Marlboro Red is more readily available....
  10. I wouldn't buy cigarettes just to empty out the tobacco, that's a huge waste of money, just get some rolling tobacco brother, it's the same thing and a hell of a lot cheaper and will last a lot longer than a 20 pack of cigarettes.
    Try Bugler rolling tobacco if they have it there, or they even have American Spirit, hell I'm pretty sure they have Tops rolling tobacco as well.
  11. Over hear where I live, we pay i think its around 15 euros for a G. 20 USD. I never will mix it with tobacco, but that is me. I would explore different rolling tobacco, the ones that come in bags, or cans. Easier to handle, and people will be less likely to think that you smoke cigs. It would be cheaper, allowing for more cannabis. (Thats always a good thing).
    For me, I stick to glass, having to pay that much for weed hurts, but when I run out its usually no big deal, just wait till i have extra money again. Its been about a week now without bud.
    I also know that its not only the price, maybe its less readily available. Try getting a pipe, a one hitter. Make your weed last longer. Heck if you really want to stretch it, go take a two liter of soda and make a gravity bong. :) Happy toking.
  12. Why not invest in a bong or vape? Conserve weed a little better and you dont have to mix the beautiful herb with those nasty cancer sticks. Yeah its a bit of money but in the long run you'll appreciate it all so well. Good luck Op

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  13. Well I can't really get american spirits here, is malboro reds smooth? What's the smoothest malboros that won't make you feel sick?
  14. And I don't use rolling tobacco cause its way too strong
  15. Reds are some pretty strong cigs so I thibk you would be better off with some lights
    Also, look into getting a vape or bong! Pretty cost efficient in the long run!

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  16. lol lights and full flavor use the same exact tobacco, the only difference on lights is the filter
  17. ffs, everyone saying how tobacco is bad etc... fuck off.
    OP already knows that, just like 99% of the people who smoke tobacco.
    In the UK, every tobacco packet sold has some messed up picture of how bad it is for you....
    On topic:
    OP, Mayfair is cheap, but not as good as chesterfield (cheaper).
    You can use rolling tobacco (amber leaf), it will last you a hell lot longer, although, if you use ciggarette tobacco, it has a nice burn to it.
  18. Aryt dude I'm from the uk to, I'm the exact same mix with tobacco and never under .5g in a joint, I like dry golden Virginia or jps tobacco both never mask the flavour and the taste isn't tht bad, maybe cause I've grown to like the taste.

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