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What cigarette you like best after some bud?

  1. Camels

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  2. Marlboro

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  3. Salems

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  4. Newports

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  5. Winstons

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  6. Clove Cigarettes

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  7. Other

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  8. None!

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  1. I just got done smokin a joint and as I always do I pull out a cigarette and I just wondered what everyone likes best out there after smokin a fat one
  2. i used to smoke cigs but it it doesnt really do anything good for ya but take money outta your i quit and now i stick to the green, it was the best thing i ever did
  3. FUCK CIGS...but yeah, Marlboro No. 27's are the best, followed by Red.. Fuck menthols, always..
  4. the best cigs are the ones you leave on the shelf in the shop.
  5. ::just shakes his head at all the nicotine addicts::
  6. ::Shakes his head at the assholes who put down ciggarettes but say "its ok to smoke bud"::

    Its a choice to smoke ciggs, just like its a choice to smoke weed or drink alcohol or do shrooms. You've made a choice to smoke bud so I dont understand what gives you the right to put down ciggs, even though it does have all the chemicals and nicotine, who gives a fuck not everyone here wants to live to be 90 years old worrying about falling down in the shower and breaking a hip. I wanna live my life like I want to and I want to smoke ciggarettes.

    Parliaments are the shit, I smoked those all the time before I got into menthol. But now I smoke menthol and cant smoke the other shit anymore, I just love feelin the minty cool smoke in your throat and lungs ya know? But for menthol its definitely Kools or Newports.
  7. benson & hedges ;) ... guess it's really a uk thing...? camel lights, luckies etc can be quite nice too...
  8. parliment lights
    camle lights
    camle special lights

    if i wanna go classy.....

    i'll rock some Nat shermans or some straight cut.....

    i like the new camle flavors too...aside from the margarita and bay breezer ones....
  9. Malboro Menthol Milds.
  10. I have always been a Camel girl...lately I've been smoking the Turkish Royals...I think I'm gonna stick with these for a while...

    and gravy, those flavored ones are awesome...the beach breezers are cool, but not something I could smoke all the time...the watermelon gets on my nerves. I think the Izmir Stingers are the best :)
  11. gotta love the dajarum blacks. long live the cloves

  12. i like the dark mint and regular citrus ones.... plus the case is always an added bonus....:)

  13. dude, ive been saying that exact thing for years, really, now i do smoke, actualy im quitting, its so bad for my health, im kinda getting worried, im gunna at least take a break from them, and i think its hindering on my pot smoking abilitys, like deep hits and holding it in longer, well im gunna c how it goes, hope i can quit, wish me luck
  14. well im 19, been smokin cigs for 6 years now, it used to be only marlboro reds and newports, but recently i converted to marlboro lights.....hopeing to quit soon
  15. sory for sounding like an ex smoker who's gonna rant at the smokers... gawd i hated them types when i was a smoker.... but .....

    sory for sounding like an ex smoker who's gonna rant at the smokers... gawd i hated them types when i was a smoker.... but .....

    take as bad a thing as lung cancer, and you can think to yourself, nah, i probably wont get it... i'll be one of the lucky ones and escape. ... ok sure... lets say you are. lets say you do escape that horror. its not the only thing out there waiting to get you. smoking can cause cancer in all kinds of places. but asuming your thinking your gonna manage to avoid cancer all together... you WONT excape ALL the other health problems. Emphisema (spelled wrong most probably) is another biggie. i think i heard someone say their uncle died from it recently (obliviot maybe?). now the name of the disease itself doesnt sound very scary.. but thats probably because you dont understand what it is. how would you like your flesh to be like bubble wrap? sound pleasant? no? your absofucking lutely right it isnt. (i think i got that right, there's two conditions quite similar you get from smoking, thats one of them anyways, cant remember if its emphizeema or not). Then there is the IMENSE damage it causes to your circulation. i know this one first hand. i have raynauds syndrome, now luckily for me i've never been a heavy smoker, peaking at 10 per day at my worst. But i've still got this fucking awful disease from it. even if i didnt have this disease it would be just as bad in a couple years as it is now if i had kept smoking. My legs would be at threat of needing amputation, i hear its far more comon than you'd possably imagine for the over 40's life long smokers. no... i'm not bullshitting to scare you. i'm being brutally honest to scare you. tobacco companies pump "good money" at the problem of not allowing the truth about the health risks to really get out. you think those little warnings are all that happens? not so. they still manage to keep loads of it on the hush hush. did you know that one of the worst effected areas is the spine? and we're talking even mechanical problems like slipped discs. you're at an increased risk if you're a smoker. this is also something i know first hand. twisted spine and half a dozen other problems with my back. none of which were around before i started smoking. another thing that gets completely screwed is the whole respitory system.... all of it. you guys are lucky you toke the herb, its keeping you from experiencing the fullest extent of the damage you're causing yourselves. Bones too... bone marrow, heck even your teeth (and i'm not just talking about the discolouration) are all stripped bare of loads of the components needed to stay healthy. i think i remember hearing that doctors are VERY reluctant to accept bone marrow from potential doners if they are smokers. you're also increasing risk of arthiritis, ESPECIALLY if you are smoking whilst still in puberty. (thats another i know first hand and know two other people personally who have arthiritis at a very young age). Honestly... there really is no aspect of your health left untouched by that filth.

    so smokers... please listen to me when i say...

    if you smoke you dont "run the risk" of suffering illness.
    You are garaunteeing yourself the certainty that you are fucking yourself over quite horribly and setting yourself up for a lot of pain, missery and suffering.

    I emplore you, i beg of you. stop yourself now. go through the few months of being an irritable, grumpy bastard. It will save you so much discomfort and horror later on, will give you a much better quality of life and also... might even save your life.

    rant fin.
    thankya for reading.
  16. "put down ciggarettes but say "its ok to smoke bud""

    JW, if it makes me an asshole to shake my head at
    nicotine addicts, I'm an asshole then. If you're wanting to be self destructive with the cigarettes, go for it, I don't really care. It's your choice. I didn't put down cigarette smokers. I put down addicts.
    But anyhow, to me, smoking cigarettes is completely pointless. It's not like they get you high.. they don't make your breath smell good, don't make your teeth white, they don't make you able to run further, and they don't make it so you can leap tall buildings in a single bound.

    Everything cigarettes do is negative (someone correct me if I'm wrong... oh, wait, they might make you look cool, lol). EVERYTHING, except maybe, to some people, they taste good.

    If you smoke because it tastes good, or cause you just like them or whatever, any reason other than cause you're addicted, and you KNOW the health risks, you're an idiot as far as all that in my eyes. If you're addicted.. you were an idiot only for starting in the first place, and now I just feel sorry for ya.
    But if you are purposely trying to die from smoking cigarettes, more power to you. I think people have the right to kill theirself.

    But basically, yeah it's a choice to smoke cigs. I'm shaking my head at the people who started and then CAN'T quit when they want to.

    I personally dunno anyone that has been hooked for any amount of time that doesn't wish they hadn't of started. Except maybe some 13-16 year olds.

    "put down ciggarettes but say "its ok to smoke bud""
    Let's make a list of the pros and cons of cigarettes, and then a list for weed.. and lookin at that list, I don't see how you can call me an asshole for saying weed is more ok than cigarettes.
  17. i think most people realize what you just said mr digit and criminal, some people just smoke because theres nothing else to do, why should it matter to you, its someone elses habit and you should just take it for what they do, maybe they smoke cuz that want to look cool, maybe they smoke cuz ther addicted cuz of whatever... who cars lets all be happy, i smoke, only when i drink tho but thats a diff story. o well hava nice one
  18. Let me ask you this, do you eat cheeseburgers? Do you eat french fries? Is that good for you? No....Will that kill you? Yes.
    It may not be as bad for you as ciggarettes, but it is bad for you. Does smoke cause lung cancer? Yes...Does Smoking Bud bring smoke into your lungs? Yes. Do I smoke Bud? Yes. Do I eat cheeseburgers? Rarely...Do I smoke Ciggarettes? Yes. I'm not addicted, and I am aware of the negative effects it has on my body. But am I an idiot? No. I dont like to badmouth others and dont take this as any kind of insult, but you are a real idiot for calling people who smoke ciggarettes idiots. If you eat cheeseburgers, drink soda, or smoke weed you are putting your health at risk. Some people suffer, suffer very badly after long term ciggarette smoking, others suffer nothing, maybe a year or two of their lives. I'm not saying i'm one of them, But like I said i'd like to live how I want to. And as a matter of fact I can run a mile in 6 and a half minutes, I go to the gym daily, I swim daily, and i'm pretty fucking healthy, i'm betting i'm a lot healthier than you my friend. I smoke ciggarettes, you dont. Big fucking deal....
  19. Most definitly Marlboro 27 Blend. If you smoke reds I suggest you try these out their pretty new and they are litterly the best!
  20. I dont somke cigs, I think its a bad habbit.

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