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    Which do you consider the best chips?
  2. either Blazin Buffalo Ranch Doritos or,
    Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos
  3. FUCK! how could I forget spicy chili! those are so mouthwatering.
  4. mmmm.. fuck yeah dill pickle
  5. Give me a Coke and a bag of these and I'll be happy

  6. Dill pickle is already an option up there buddy.

    Right now I'm munching on RedHot chips.. so geeeewwwwdddd
  7. Come on Sun Chips!!!!
  8. Who said it wasn't?
  9. Well you posted a picture and didn't vote for them so I thought I'd tell you it was an option
  10. Wheres the sweet onion?
  11. Sorry sweet onion didn't qualify as one of the top 20 chips. XD

    I didn't even know there was a sweet onion!
  12. Wise potatoe chips!
  13. Oh man, your missing out.

    Does jalapeno fall under red hot?

  14. Sour cream and onion chips are AMAZING when ur baked :)
  15. Def going to have to go with Jays Hot Stuff.

  16. i had bacon chips im london
  17. Nah, jalapeno and redhot have two different tastes, I like the jalapeno chips better than redhots.

    I'll see if I can find those chips but I've never seen them in the store before :confused:
  18. anyone remember tims cascade brand dill pickle chips.... mmmm :yummy:
    now i have to settle for their wasabi
  19. yall dont have Zapp's chips where yall are? they make the BEST dill pickel chips. pringles come in second. my all time fav is gotta be salt and vinegar
  20. what happens if we like dill flavored pringles...... dun dun dun

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