Best chill out and blaze spot ??????

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  1. This is my first post but what is ur favorite chill out place to blaze at ? what about with friends or solo? my favorite place is my bedroom late at night all the lights off just me and baby bluey (my glass pipe) i feel so good and chill when i am there please tell me your favorite chill out and blaze spots
  2. hahaha what do you do with your pipe man haha

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    In new hampshire. It used to always be the place to go to.. Now it's just wherever. but this place has some good memories :smoke:
  4. in reply i just feel really high and i blaze it with my pipe lol what else would i do with it?
  5. Behind the rock wall by my house facing the woods, the lake, and in cars.
  6. My back porch :)

    If I'm feeling adventurous, there is a nice creek spot near my house that's pretty secluded. It's great for nice sunny days.
  7. It used to be this place. Kariya Park[​IMG]

    Now it's my room lol
  8. definitely by creeks or in the woods. There was this one spot along a creek where a train passed over. I loved smoking there. And there was a hill there, that was soooooo fun to ride your bike down during the peak.

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