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Best Cheap Vaporizer

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by babaganoosh420, May 2, 2009.

  1. Ive been smoking consistently for 5 years and i think its about time i be nice to my lungs and buy a vaporizer. I don't have a ton of money so i was wondering what the best vaporizer to get was for cheap?
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  3. I think that may be an Oxymoron... but i would wait till you save up atleast $150 and buy a Vaporbrothers or anthore vape in that kinda of area because it is well worth it.
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    I wouldn't. He may spend a 150 bucks on a vape only to find out he doesn't likes vaporizing.

    The VaporGenie at 50 bucks makes a GREAT first vape and intro into the vaping world without first having to spend 150 bucks or more. If he then finds out he really likes vaping, he can get a more expensive home unit, and still have the VG for portable use.
  5. find a used vape on craigslist...you can get a nice silver surfer or something for like $120-130
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    My friend has an Easy Vape, and it is surprisingly good. eBay has them for $60 or less shipped.
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    I am having good luck with my vape from ebay.
  8. I definitely like to vape but i dont want to spend that much for a volcano or vapezilla. Ive been looking at all the vaporizers for about 150 but can't decide which one is the best;
    Hot Box
    Vapor Brothers
    Vapor Tower
    Da Buddha
    or anyothers
    Please help me decide on which one to get
  9. vapor brothers and da buddha are really good. since you are a common smoker look into 'purple days' vaporizer. its the most efficent out there and should save you your money really quick. check it out!

  10. Yup. VaporBros or Da Buddha for those really THICK rich bong like vapor hits or the Purple Days to help ya conserve your weed. Lots of people get both.
  11. vaporgenie is definitely the best value and probability combined with simplicity ohhhh and durability too. my genie is 1 year and 3 months old he spent a lot of time outdoors. but if you want a larger home use vape i would get the vapor bros box and whip from theeeebay or craiglist /local headshop/find it
  12. I bought the Launch tube and love it.
    The battery makes it easy to use and I can smoke single hits in a few seconds no warm up time
    Cost is $80. I would buy another tomorrow if mine broke.
    Launch Tube
  13. vapor bros is the best for the price volcanoes are nice but my vape bros get me just as high and it works so perfect, i use it everyday just about it is a super chill high and i wouldnt trade it for anything my next buy is gonna be a whip that will attach my vape to my illadelph

  14. Same company is coming out with the Launch Box. Still in beta though, but it looks like a winner.
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    And why is that, Sacks? Why is it better for the price, than say a VaporGenie, or in a whip vape, why is it better for the price than say a Da Buddha, or for an efficient direct draw, why is it the best for the price over a Purple Days?
  16. It is definitely not as good as the Da Buddha. The heating element angle on the vapor bros is terrible, and the box is made out of wood. Black painted aluminum is where its at. Sure, its not as efficient or small as the Purple Days, but hell, I can vaporize salvia with it. :hello:
  17. I'd highly suggest a Vapor Genie. I adore mine.
  18. vapor genie, and vapor daddy
  19. No one mentioned vaporstar?

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