Best cheap vape?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Rollin152, Feb 2, 2014.

  1. I've recently been interested in getting a vape pen. I've actually never used a vaporizer before as I usually smoke joints/bowls. I would like to get a cheap vape pen somewhere in the $60-80$ dollar range. What vape should I get and what should I know about vaping?
  2. There currently isn't a good vape pen for ground herbs. Just for oils. There is the Pinnacle Pro though which is similar in size to a pen, but that will run you $240.
    Honestly, there aren't any good portables in that price range except for a used MFLB. My suggestion to you is go find some people with vaporizers and try some different ones out.
    Looking for a $60 to $80 is just gonna make you hate vaping before you even get into it.
  3. Homemade lightbulb vape man
  4. You ^^ are kidding, right?
  5. MFLB isn't too expensive.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  6. Anybody know anything about the v3 puff nuggs vape pen?Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  7. please listen to me on this, order a NO2 vape online, they are a little out of your price range at $90 but it will last you a bit. first off, spending about $60 dollars on a vape pen will be a good investment for a couple months, and hey maybe you will find a really good one that last you a bit. but just put in the extra money and buy your self something of quality. i love my no2 and it has been great for me so far. the flight box is a good vape but its just not as consistant and controlled. the no2 is not as portable (you could easy fit it in a backpack or a hoodie pocket) but it will preform better and its actually worth $200 but retailers online have brought it down to half price, i got mine for $88 off a website. idk just its a better investment in the long run, you save alot of bud, i use the same bowl (by my self) for 2-3 days or vape seshions and the bowl isnt huge. if you cant buy one online DONT go to a store and but an e-cig vape attachment. ive seen alot of those at smoke shops lately and they just screw onto an ecig battery, sounds killer right? it works for about a month if that, and dosent even work good to begin with, just stay away from those. you can buy magic flights online for less than $70 if you search for a bit. they are alot of people go to vape but i personally prefer my no2 more, with the magic flight its kinda like you dont know if its working or not. upon exhale i can feel the high already with the no2 and you can set the temp and everything, i will say it looks a little funny i know, its works beautifully. hope i helped and remember, just $15 more can be the difference between something that will last you years and something that will last you a month. good luck findin a vape and all
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  8. [quote name="austyn12" post="19467261" timestamp="1391569174"] around 20$Sent from my SCH-I535 using Grasscity Forum mobile app[/quote]That's damn cool Props to that person Omega369 :wave:
  9. I've been fairly set on getting a mflb. It's seems to be the best vape for me. I like how stealthy it is and how it conserves bud. I've heard a lot of negative things about vapir vapes.
  10. You will not be disappointed with the mflb.  Just make sure you're using it properly
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  11. Yeah I have been reading a lot about it. It seems like a great vape. I can't wait to get mine.
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  12. Even used properly there is a very good chance of disappointment with the mflb

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