Best cheap bulbs to buy for my weed plant

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by Annomynous1670, Apr 24, 2016.

  1. Hello can someone help me Im not spending a great lot but can anyone recommend a specific growing light nothing to fancy but what will do the job correctly that Is?
  2. The sun
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  3. Invested in 2 cfls ones on its way

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  4. For cheap HPS bulbs I like Vivosun or Philips and for cheap CFL I would go with something like Hydrofarm, they have some fixture or just the bulbs if you have your own fixture.

  5. I use agromax for HPS but it can get pricey.
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  6. Got this I'm getting my digital lumi ballast

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  7. Just make sure it's for horticulture. You need the spectrum.

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  8. It's fine now I have
    A lumi compacta 600watt ballast
    Lumi reflecter
    Super high pressure sodium sunmaster 600watt I'm fine for lighting I have all the other equipment :)
  9. Don't expect much.

    Edit: nvm - say you bought a real light. You'll be much happier.

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  10. If you want a good yield you're going to have to spend at least $45 on a light (for every 2-3 plants you have). You can find red and blue spectrum lights on Amazon, 45watts and they last a long time 50,000 hours or so

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  11. Ive heard something like 60 watts per sq ft is ideal, 30 watts per sq ft being minimum.
    T5s are the shit for a cheap veg light, way better than cfl will ever be, but not very good for flower.
    For myself, if i could only have one light for veg and flower id go with hps.
    For veg, try go with more blues.
    For flower, try go with more reds.
    More watts=more yield.

    lovin u (=
  12. Cheap Light = Shit Weed = Sad Toker
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  13. Price of a bulb doesnt always reflect spectrum or light intensity. I and many other people are doing pretty good with 50-60 dollar bulbs. Genisis, Ultrasun, and Plantmax make great bulbs. Apollo bulbs are heavy duty and work great. You cant tell me apollo bulbs cant grow top shelf.
    I dont know anyone who pays 200 a bulb for those hortilux's. Might as well get some gavitas if you can afford hortilux.

    lovin u (=
  14. Much bigger now I have th right equipment

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  15. I'm a first timer, I've failed five times at germination then boom I suddenly cracked it, how to do this shit, it's not as hard as you think but keeping your self in check
    Like hygiene,
    Haircut if needed,
    Good food, water (drinks)
    It's no different to a plant but to know the knowledge behind it helps with future problems, I'm glad I did what I did because even though the site helped out it wasn't what I needed, btw its a clone from wonderwomen/northern lights
  16. Like I said 'Sad Toker'
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  17. Oh i get it, im sad because im poor? Thats the joke? Guess ill just have to get by with my ultrasun topshelf instead of hortilux topshelf. Maybe one day i can afford hortilux, but then again i think i would rather just get whole other light fixture AND bulb for the same price of a hortilux bulb instead, and thus actually level up my grow..... till then i guess im a sad toker

    lovin u (=
  18. You think you got it hard, haha my equipment cost me a bomb haha for a 600watt lumi compacta ballast
    600watt Super high pressure sodium sunmaster for the reflecter and 4meter light fixture, and a rhinopro carbon ventilation system... Does me wonders considering I can't afford it but I managed it am 17 so cmon lads
  19. Please forgive my sarcasm, i dont think i have it hard, i think im doing pretty good. Ive still got a lot to learn, but ive made some top shelf.....with some cheap bulbs. In my opinion, its all about light intesity, and spectrum. Not interested in most name brands of anything really. Paying triple the price isnt justified by the results.

    lovin u (=

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