best charcoal filter for stealth

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  1. I need a recommend on a great charcoal filter. I can't have any smell whatsoever. I have a 4 x 4 tent and a 6 inch 435 cfm Hurricane fan........need some expert advice please
  2. I run phresh brand filters. My cop/neighbor unknowingly gives his approval every time he stops over for a beer....i actually have your exact fan connected to a 550cfm phresh filter in 1 of my 2x4 tents and I use a speed controller to turn it down. I picked up the fan after an old 1 took a dump recently. It was all my local grow shop had on hand in 6" at the time. It's actually been a pretty decent fan. Not as powerful as the 1 it replaced but its also quiter. The filter I've had for atleast a year and a half maybe 2years 24/7, always flowering plants... zero problems.
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  3. how big is that filter in that 2 x 4 ? 20 inches ? I've heard some decent things about Phat filters also
  4. It's 24" long. This fan and filter actually sits in a room behind the tent. Duct goes through the wall, into the tent and pulls from an air cooled hood.

    I've never used phat so I can't say. I've never heard any complaints about them. I have 3 phresh filters set up and 1 for back up. I know these work so I'm good. Can filters are also quailty filters.

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