Best chain to work as delivery driver

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  1. Hello all! :D

    I was just wondering if there is a preferred place to work for as a delivery driver whether it be pizza, oriental food, or whatever! Tips, stories, and advice are welcome!

    I currently work at a subway getting part time hours and im looking for more work. Last night, a manager for pizza hut came in and I helped him, chatted a bit and asked if they were hiring for drivers which they were.

    I feel as if I gave off a good second-first impression since I had talked to him about a team member/driver position back at the end of november but didnt go for it because I got a driver helper position for UPS for the month of december(only for the holiday season, but I am still trying to pursue a warehouse position there as well!) while I worked at subway still.

    Im pretty sure he didnt remember me but I remember speaking to him so I kinda pushed myself to be enthusiastic and whatnot. He asked for my last name and told me he looks forward to seeing my physical application after I explained the online app bugs out on occassion. Fixing up my resume and going there this week!
  2. Idk if it's different by store, but I've worked at dominos and a Pizza Hut. My good days at Pizza Hut were much better and my bad days were much worse. Dominos is safer money wise because they pay your gas by the mile, while Pizza hit did it by delivery, so far deliveries you'd get screwed on if they didn't tip, but then for really close ones you end up with more gas cause it's a flat rate.
  3. Jimmy Johns is pretty good.

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