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    Anyone who has personally grown out and smoked cbd seeds how are they?how's the medicinal value compared to other strains you smoked from 1-10 what's the medical value it gave you.
  2. 112 views no awnser ok no one grew out cbdcrew strains?
  3. I like afghani wich I've personally grown , and cannatonic which I have only purchased from dispensary
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  4. afghani? Kool from where ? And catatonic is it in seed form? I have a patient wanting a high cbd strain and iam leaning towards cbd crews seeds catatonic I haven't come across. Would you happen to know the breeder? Ty
  5. I live in Vancouver and have had a good experience with Vancouver seed bank , they also own
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  6. The original preter oh yes Kenny I grew is called house of the great gardener his website house of the great gardener. Com
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  8. ty for your help I do really appreciate it
  9. Srry I tried to use voic to text on my cell phone
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  10. no worries
  11. If I can answe any other questions feel free to ask or pm me
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  12. As far as marijuana for pain ,in my opinion, most pure indica strains are going to have comparable pain releaving qualitys, so its rly up to ur patients tastes and the grower
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  13. i will just look f or a high cbd strain then hopefully the strain will be to the patients liking ty I will if I need anything else!
  14. Any time , your welcome
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  15. I have tried Charlottes Web, its 20% CBD and THC Bellow 1%, I found this High CBD Strains page that helped me to decide on the strain. It's a great strain and has helped me with muscle soreness and headaches. :hookah:
  16. yeah experience here . just choose 1 . if i like it you may hate it . if you look at the values . the cbd is a LOT higher then the thc .. makes it more of pain relief . w hat is your goal here ? pain relief ?

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