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CBD Oil Best cbd oil for anxiety and stress

Discussion in 'CBD Oil' started by WhiteGuy88, Jun 25, 2019.

  1. Looking for the best cbd oil for my wife, she has been on and off of meds since she was 13, we are both in our 30’s and still she cannot find any medicine to help her, nothing helps her get rid of her anxiety and panic attacks, she smokes cannabis but only at night when our kids go to sleep, she needs something during day, does anyone know of a really good cbd oil that would help her? Please and thank you

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  2. Yes. CBD oil really help reduce stress and anxiety, relieve pain, and more. You can find different CBD products that may help your wife. Perhaps you can also learn to grow your own plant if you find these products helpful and useful for your family.
  3. I’ve only used one product and that was Green Serene Xtra 1500 mg full spectrum (.273 % thc) wth a nice terpene profile as well some secondary cannabinoids. It can be had for about $60/oz. I found it to be very calming.

    Beware of a lot of well marketed hoaxes out there. I asked for a third part lab results with corresponding batch # appearing on the bottle they placed in my hot little hand. Even at this comparative low price, the cost of the actual CBD is comparable to the current price of gold. That giled me a bit and I didn’t repeat my order in spite of the positive effects. To avoid supporting these “green gold diggers” I’m doing some gardening.
  4. Just starting some of this today to help with panic attacks. In the UK so the choice is less than many places

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