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  1. Have 4x4 tent 6 " fan personal grow looking for best carbon filter
  2. Phresh
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    Phresh or Can....I personally like the phresh

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  4. Phresh x3
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  5. OK I got a 350 cfm exhaust fan say I bought a 700 cfm filter is that a waste of money or better
  6. Waste...get close to what your fan cfm is you would need the 6x16 I think its the size on a phresh filter.

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  8. Once I got sick of fkn around wasting money on garbage filters I bought a phresh brand filter.....the search for a great filter is over. My friend and cop neighbor unknowingly gives his seal of approval everytime he visits and stands inches from my grow without even knowing.
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  9. I always thought that having a filter bigger than the fan was fine and that you didn't want a smaller filter than the max fan output?

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  10. Well I have a 400cfm fan and hooked it up to a 6x24 which is 500 or 550cfm and it worked well but I also had a booster fan in my ducting too. Best bet is to get what's closest to your fan.

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  11. Buy filters with a slightly higher rating then the fan. You don't want the fan over powering the filter, pushing through air faster then it can handle. You also don't want the filter so much larger it puts added drag/restriction on the fan, making it inefficient and shortening the life of the fan
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  12. Not to hijack this thread but Which fan do you use? Mines not overly loud but you can still hear it. Sounds like my central heat kicking on. Would like to get it quieter if possible. I boxed in the fan and filled the open space with an old sheet to try and absorb some of the sound

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  13. Im running a can fan, an off brand that I should replace before long and a couple duct boosters. Inline fans are loud. Just the movement of such a volume of air is noisy. Hang them from a bungee cord or something to reduce vibration noise. Also run a larger fan then you need with a speed controller. A larger fan turned down is quiter then a smaller fan on full blast. All else fails a duct muffler or get hillbilly and make some sort of insulated box for the fan. Your sheet box may not be big enough, dense enough, or combo of both to absorb much of the sound. I know a guy who used spray foam and completly insulated his fan in a box. Wrapped the fan in a trash bags. Worked well. The air moving through the duct will keep the motor from over heating.

    I have 2 smaller tents running in my bedroom being extracted by 1 fan on a bungee cord large enough to handle atleast 2X as much square footage as it does on a speed controller. No duct muffler or hillbilly get up, sounds about like a home box fan on low. I can turn it down to where I can hardly notice if needed and still maintain negative pressure in both tents.

    My off brand fan is set up in a similar manner only it is set up to extract from a gardening shed. I can't hear it outside the shed.

    In both cases I have created a duct box between the trusses of the over hang on my roofs of both structures. The soffit has vents. I added extra sections of the vents and the air escapes unnoticed. My bedroom grow actually vents near an outdoor patio that gets used often. This is where having a quality filter is a must. Having the exhaust away from the living space eliminates alot of the noise. Moving air is going to make noise no matter what you do
  14. yeah now that i think of it. the sound i hear probably is the sound of the air because the tent vents into the same room
  15. Thanks for info I don't want to skimp on ventilation can't have smell I live in a small small town where everyone knows everything going on. Ordered phresh 500 cfm you think just laying it behind a knee wall be alright or try vent outside
  16. Vent it outside. The exhaust can be humid and cause mold issues behind a wall. It needs somewhere to go.

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