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Best Canadian Strains

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by haze89, Sep 23, 2009.

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    Hey dudes, just wondering what your favorite canadian strains are. I was just up there last week and came across some legit Ninja Turtle (White Russian x Mean Green Martian) It was some crazy looking bud, lots of dark greens and purples. smelt kinda piney but tasted very skunky, w/hints of fruit. Really cool creative and social high, lasted about 2-3 hours. Easily in my top 3 smokes. I wish we had that shit in NY. Maybe next time I'm there I can try to find some seed to bring back. (if they even exist)

    Anyone else ever shhhmoke this stuff? My cousin apparently gets it semi-regularly up there. I've never heard of it before visiting them last week. Now I'm searching for some other canadian buds (and their seed banks if applicable!) Anyone know any good canadian seed banks? and/or specific strains I should check out?
  2. Man the only stuff that I've gotten from Canada is various strains of haze. The grower though doesn't do a very good job though and rushes the drying and trimming process so it doesn't look that great. Smoke amazing though, but then again you're getting ripped off a little with it still being a tad wet and leafy.

    Most of the shit i get is from Cali.

    Anyways props that you're in LI. Mad dank shit down here.
  3. My friend grabbed a zip of ninja turtle couple weeks ago. He loved the name and yea it was fucken good bud.
  4. Ninja turtle lol! I love the names that are coming out these days! I love white russian though so it must be some dankkk
  5. Blue Domina is a strain local to Ottawa, lots an lots of Skunk and various crosses, Jack Herer, and lots of Blueberry.
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    Haha definitely a great name and smoke.

    haha yeah man, I've never had trouble finding REALLY dank shit around here. I actually just got a really good Cali medical connect last night (really an old dro connect turned dankkkkk), smokin' some legit chemdog right now :smoking:

    getting some edibles in a day or two also, can't wait.

  7. blue domina sounds pretty interesting. I grew black dom a few times and loved it. Any idea of the genetics? possibly blueberry x BD?
  8. Yeah its blueberry and dom, it's the best tasting bud I've ever had, and the high is awesome too.
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    Sounds pretty good man. I grew blueberry once a while back but it was sharing a room with some AK that really out did it so I actually don't remember much about it as a plant other than I got some cool colors out of it and ended up selling most of it while holding onto the bulk of the AK for my head stash. Maybe I'll grow some more and give it another shot sometime soon.

    Anyone here have experience with God Bud? A friend of mine had some crazy purple looking bud from BC that I smoked a bit of last month, he said it was god bud. Idk where he got it butregardless it was really good stuff.

  10. Yo man thats mad weird because I just got some chemdawg three days ago. We must of gotten stuff from the same batch. It was so dank and literally had me on my ass for hours.
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    haha yeah dude my guy said he's only got a quarter of the chemdog left right now but he's getting a shipment of train wreck tomorrow. So I plan on getting an 8th of Chem and an 8th of Wreck. Really all together I'm getting about 9 grams for 100 flat, kid always hooks me up in exchange for random guitar repairs and shit.

    I'm rolling the last of my chemdog into a 1.7g joint as I type this (and just smoked a vape.) It's hitting me so hard right now, I have the biggest goofiest grin on my face and it wont go away. haha BEST high. I'm also pretty pumped for the Wreck. Last time I had real wreck it was pretty intense, can't wait to put em side by side to see which is better. Gonna make a few nice salad bowls aswell.
  12. when i'm in vancouver i always look for godbud, romulan, vanc island sweet skunk. i always like trying out the new trendy strains as well but those three are the ones i always count on, bc bud.. i get enough of that stuff floating around home here so no thanks when i'm sitting in bc.

  13. Yeah man, I've had Snow Cap Romulan before, got it when I was in cali though. From what I remember it was a great smoke but then again anything my cousin shows me is from a dispensary so the quality is always impressive. I also tend to not remember about 90% of the strains I try when I'm out there (for obvious reasons.) I'm glad to have access to such a wide range of strains from cali now, it's like being there all over again...except now I can crawl to my own bed after I rip my 2000ml ehle packed with the dankest buds i've ever seen. Such a sick feeling haha. Now all I need is a reliable Canadian bud connect and I'll never need to leave NY again hah.
  14. I'm canadian (manitoba specifically) and i've had blueberry (amazing high and taste) and juicy fruit. The blueberry stank like a mother, kinda skunky and a little bit earthy. The taste was fruity for sure. The juicy fruit i don't remember as much, as i was baked before we started it :p But both were pretty dank
  15. If it's the Lemon trainwreck that's coming through that you're picking up then you're going to have the best time. I just smoked some last night and it was the best 50/50 high i've ever had. Literally full of energy then at the end of it i got really sleepy and tired.

  16. Hell yeah man, thanks for the heads up haha. About to head out to grab it right now.

  17. yeaah do you know if theres a seed bank that sell juicy fruit by any chance?
    I've had it before and loved it. Now I'm excited to grow the rest of my blueberry seeds, Especialy now after I've got my shit down perfect, and my moms go ahead for the first time haha
  18. lots of hempstar, such nice nugs. blueberry and white russian are ace too. lots of no name AAA bud that comes around every once and a while.
  19. Im not sure which strains originate from where for most of the indoor ive had but early grizzly from kootenay mountain seeds, blackberry, and purple indica from mr. blue did really well outdoors. i started them from seed and transplanted mid july and still pulled a little over 4 dry well trimmed ounces of a few of them with almost no fertilizer at all. early grizzly was finished on the third week of september and the blackberry was the last week of sept. and first week of oct. handled a couple light frostings really well. also grew one lowryder #2 plant outdoors that turned out to be some of the best outdoor ive every smoked despite its small yield.

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