Best Canadian seed banks?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by yinyang, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. ive heard that its best to order from your own country. makes sense so to all canadian residents...which seed bank is the best to go with?
  2. well it actually isn't advised for us neighbors to your south to order from ya there in the great white north. the US has it's foot way up canada's exit where seed buying is concerned.

    they actually ILLEGALLY crossed your border to go after marc emory and from what i heard, siezed his records too.

    if you live in canada, then definately order locally. no border crossings, and your government isn't fascist like here.

    i wonder if the whole marc emory thing had any bearing on the disappearance of the awesome canadian seedbank heaven's stairway. they had great prices and one of the best selections i've ever seen at a seedbank.

    sorry i don't have an answer to your question because i do all my buying from the UK where it's safer. besides, i think pretty much EVERY canadian seedbank refuses to ship to the US.

    man it must be nice to live in a country where the police only go after REAL criminals! ;)

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